Why Old Friends are the Best Friends


They say that if you keep a friend for 7 years, you have a friend for life. In that case, I’m lucky enough to have a handful of lifelong friends. I just got back from the most revitalizing girl’s weekend with one of my oldest friends. We were in Charleston and got to see a lot of great sites and eat a lot of great food but the best part of the whole weekend was just spending good, quality time with her. We always pick up where we left off but this trip was different: it was the first time since becoming adults we’ve been alone without other friends, our husbands, or kids and it was just what this mommy’s soul needed. I have some newer friends that I adore, but old friends are just so special.

First, a little blast from the past:

Below are my top 11 reasons why old friends are the best friends:

They know what you’re thinking by the look on your face

                You can tell what is going through their heads without one word; their facial expressions say it all. This becomes especially handy in public spaces where saying what’s actually running through your heads wouldn’t be socially acceptable.

They know the history

                There’s no wasted time explaining the backstory or history of a situation you’re discussing. If you tell them your cousin’s best friend’s sister is buying a home they know exactly who you’re talking about and which neighborhood she’s probably looking into.

They are an ally

                It doesn’t matter if you’re acting completely hormonal and crazy, if you say the cashier at the grocery store was giving you the stink eye, your friends agree that was giving me the stink eye. No questions asked. Sometimes you just need someone to pacify your crazy. Old friends are good for that.

But they can tell you like it is

                No one can call you on your crap quite like an old friend. In fact, they’re the only ones who can tell your to sit down and calm down without receiving the silent treatment as punishment.

They have perspective

                Since they’ve been through many chapters of life with you, they know the difference between a bad day and a bad time in your life. They know when to take your bad times seriously and when to take you out to happy hour and wash them away.

They know (and love) your family

                Everyone’s family is weird…especially your own and having old friends who already know not to listen to a thing your uncle says and that they HAVE to eat something when they’re at your mom’s house takes a lot of pressure off family events they’re at.

They play “remember when” with you

It it’s really fun to think back on childhood memories and have someone who shares them with you. Old friends talk for DAYS about our first sleepovers, driver’s ed, graduations and more. They wrote your history with you and love to relive those memories too.

They know your love language

                and they speak it back to you constantly. With new friends, it’s hard to be 100% transparent and vulnerable. Old friends have broken those walls down years ago. They know when you need help decorating for a birthday party or preparing for an interview and you don’t even have to ask them for it; they just show up ready to help.

They assume they’re part of your plans

                Like any long term relationship, lifelong friends don’t have to be invited out to dinner or to the game. If you mention dinner plans or a family trip coming up, they assume they’re invited, taking the awkward “so you wanna hang out” conversations off the table for good.

They love your kids

                I’ve talked about this before but it needs to be stated again: old friends love your kids like their own. They wipe their butts and noses without flinching and feed them crackers while you finish cooking dinner. They’re the best bonus aunts and uncles and you know your babies are safe in their care.

They’re all in

                Old friends have committed too much time and energy into your relationship to give up on you without cause. One political argument or parenting disagreement won’t scare them off so feel free to be your true, totally emotional and sometimes irrational self.

Another saying I like is from Kenny Rogers “you can’t make an old friend”. These old, authentic relationships take time and love to blossom. I’m thankful that I have plenty of time to continuing growing with my old friends and picking up new old friends along the way. Girl Power

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