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Whole30 Super Bowl Food Ideas & Recipes


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Hey y’all! Super Bowl 50 is upon us and I have to tell you that I am SO excited! Not  only am I a huge football fan in general, but Peyton Manning is one of my all time favorite celebrities. His career, philanthropy, and cheesy TV commercials have all been absolutely cherished by my family. The fact that this is (probably) his last season to play makes his Super Bowl appearance that much more exciting! GO PEYTON- VFL! 

Are you thinking about starting Whole30 after the Super Bowl? Join my Facebook Accountability Group! I will be posting meal and recipe ideas, encouragement, and humor for anyone who needs some help! 

Ok, ok…now for the reasons why you’re here. Some of us have wrapped up our Whole30 journey in time for the Big Sunday but if you’re like me, you might be a little apprehensive about reintroduction of those food groups we’ve stayed away from for the past 30 days. If you’re new here and wondering how to get started on your Whole30 journey, check out my post about it here: Whole30 Prep- What You Need to Know 

Now, as we know, preparation while on Whole30 is key! We are hosting so we have more control over the menu but if you are attending a Super Bowl party, whip up a few of these to bring with you. I also recommend bringing your own veggie sticks or sweet potato chips so that you can munch on salsa and dips that might be compliant! At first I thought that I would make options for our friends and family who aren’t dieting but after I really thought about it, I realized that are PLENTY of options for all of us that following Whole30 😉 


First things first, my favorite gadgets to prepare this spread: 
Crock-Pot- 6Qt
Meatballer- for consistent sizing and less gunk on your hands!
Ninja Food Processor

Whole30 chick-fil-a chicken Nuggets
Whole30 chick-fil-a chicken Nuggets

Whole30 Chick-Fil-A Nuggets– SAY WHAT? If you haven’t tried these nuggets yet, stop what you’re doing and make them. They are seriously that good. I marinade mine in coconut milk for at least 6 hours (and up to 24) to make sure that all of the enzymes on the outside of the chicken are broken down so the batter stays on.


Classic Veggie Tray with Whole30 Ranch– You truly cannot go wrong with a veggie tray. Make sure that you have enough ranch to go around! 

Bacon Wrapped Dates no text

Whole30 Bacon Wrapped Dates – Because anything wrapped in bacon is always a crowd pleaser.

Buffalo Chicken Dip
 Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip is a great, spicy alternative to cream based dips Super Bowl parties are notorious for. I serve this with cut up veggie stick and sweet potoato chip! 

Buffalo Chicken Meatball
Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from Skinny Taste

These Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from Skinny Taste are a fun, bite size alternative to the Buffalo Chicken Dip. Just sub Almond Flour for the Panko Crumbs 🙂 Serve with Whole30 Ranch Dressing

PaleOMG’s Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Roasted Red Pepper Dip from PaleOMG is something very different and SO GOOD. Again, served with veggie sticks and sweet potato chips. 

Crispy Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Crispy Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus– an old favorite for me…these are salty and crunchy. I indiviudally wrap these for parties so people can grab, munch, and go!


Jerk Chicken Wings

Jerk Chicken Wings– Is it even the Super Bowl without chicken wings? I like this take on chicken wings a lot…just be sure to leave out the honey and brown sugar! 

Broiled Stuffed Tomatoes

Broiled Stuffed Tomatoes– I don’t even really LIKE tomatoes, and I love these! Broiling the tomatoes makes them so soft and smokey while the mayo and spices melt together inside. Good luck keeping these to yourself! 

Chocolate Chili from Well Fed

Chocolate Chili from Well Fed- This has become my go-to Whole30 Chili recipe and the key is in the spices. Follow her recipe and you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Whole30 Roasted and Toasted Potato Wedges

Whole30 Roasted and Toasted Potato Wedges– Crispy and salty potato wedges go with ANYTHING, am I right? 

Slow Cooker Meatball Marinara

Slow Cooker Meatballs w/ Marinara– Meatballs are a favorite in our house every year! Make sure you start them early enough to finish cooking in time for kickoff! 

Nom Nom Paleo’s Award Winning Whole30 Guacamole

Nom Nom Paleo’s Award Winning Whole30 Guacamole– Like chicken wings, it really doesn’t feel like the Super Bowl without some good ‘ole Guac. I add tomatoes to this recipe but other than that it is PERFECTION

whole30 deviled eggs
whole30 deviled eggs

Whole30 Deviled Eggs– Creamy and Spicy just like deviled eggs should be! These taste like a treat but are totally comppliant!

So that’s what I’m making! I hope this provided you with some Whole30 inspiration leading into your Super Bowl weekend! GO PEYTON!

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Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes
Whole30 Super Bowl Recipes



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