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Whole30 Recipes Roundup – BREAKFAST edition!


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Can you all believe that we are about to close out 2017? I literally JUST got used to writing “2017” and we’re about to jump into a whole new year. With every new year comes new diets and new eyes on the Whole30 program. I’m very excited to help a new group of people through their Whole30 journey by providing these delicious recipe roundups from some of my favorite Paleo and Whole30 Food Bloggers. 

First, I have to say that I have personally tried each and everyone one of these recipes and can attest to their greatness. These roundups will be categorized by traditional meal type – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – but as we all know, during a Whole30 round, soup for breakfast and eggs for dinner are totally normal. If you have any questions about what specifically is On or Off plan, consider bookmarking a few of these Whole30 references. 

 Official Whole30 Rules

Whole30 Meal Template

Whole30 Shopping List


If you haven’t already, consider purchasing the official Whole30 Books to make sure that you’re understanding of the plan and purpose are solid.



Ok, now that all the legalese is out of the way, who is ready for some delicious whole30 breakfast recipes?

Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls – this recipe provides a great template that you can do SO. Many. things with. You could add in any leftover meats you might from earlier in the week, whip up a fried egg on top, or throw in a handful of nuts and almond butter if you’re in a time crunch. 



whole30 Breakfast Recipes
Photo and Recipe credit: Healthy Liv


Pancetta and Egg Muffin Cups – These muffin cups are great to prep ahead of time and pop in the microwave at work when you’ve had a doozy of a morning…which is most mornings at our house

Whole 30 breakfast
Whole 30 breakfast – pancetta and egg muffin cups

Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash– I love dishes that play off of leftovers from another dish. I use the pork from leftover Kalua Pig , and already prepped sweet potatoes to decrease the prep time of this dish. Believe me, no matter when you whip this recipe up, you will wish you had done it sooner. 

Pulled Pork Sweet Potato Hash
Recipe and photo credit:

Easy Paleo Frittata – My favorite food blogger, Michelle Tam of NomNom Paleo, serves up a SUPER easy but flavorful frittata. Coconut milk is the secret sauce in this one!

Pig in a Skillet – Another NomNom favorite, Pig in a Skillet, calls for more leftover Kalua Pork and the addition of the ever-so-salty and tasty prosciutto!

Whole30 Breakfast Recipes
Recipe and Picture credit:

Easy Breakfast Sausage – The best part about this breakfast sausage recipe, besides how easy it is, is that you can make a LOT of sausage and FREEZE the majority of it. Because they are so small, the sausage patties thaw in just a few minutes. These are great for those hectic mornings when you realize you don’t have anything prepared for breakfast.

Whole30 Breakfast Sausage
Picture and Recipe by:


A note about Bacon: I know, I know, we all LOVE bacon. If you’re like me, you believe bacon can – and should – be added to just about anything. Enter Whole30. The problem with bacon is that it is almost always cured in that S word…sugar. Finding sugar free bacon – especially during January when everyone and their momma is doing whole30 – is sometimes hard. The good news is that US Wellness Meats has answered the Bacon Lover’s Call and provides Sugar Free bacon delivered to all 50 states! The packages come frozen and ready to go into your freezer for stockpiling or fridge for thawing. 


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Whole30 Breakfasts
Whole30 Breakfasts