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Whole30 Prep- How to Make Your Meals Taste Ridiculously Good


One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard when someone is considering a Whole30 circuit is

“how on earth will my food taste without using dairy/soy/butter?” and “but will I starve?”

The truth is our food will taste  AWESOME and we absolutely will not starve. Though taking away typical seasonings and additions to food we add on a daily basis might seem intimidating, I’m here to tell you that we have A WHOLE LOTTA options to add to our food arsenal to ensure that each meal is a total delight. I’ll be posting our meal plans with complete details of what exactly we will be eating next month, but for now I wanted to give you an idea of all the delicious flavor additions we will be able to have to make each meal something to look forward to. If you know me, you know that I take food entirely too seriously to spend an entire 30 days hungry and/or unsatisfied.

These are some of my favorite, Whole30 compliant, spices and sauces to use while on circuit:

Oils: Healthy, non-greasy fat to add to dishes

Some of the best, most versatile oils to use on Whole30 are Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ve found them to be fairly interchangable but tend to use EVOO with meats and Coconut with veggies.

Coconut everything

Coconuts are SO versatile for our Whole30 needs. In addition to cooking with Coconut Oil, we can use Coconut Milk to replace creams or milk in a lot of dishes. We will also use Coconut Shavings to sweeten desserts or pork dishes.

Various Salts and Spices

Though typical table salts have added sugars, they are still Whole30 compliant. In addition to table salt, we can utilize coarse salts while cooking, and Himalayan salt for extra flavor in any dish. We will also use seasoned salts and salt mixes in JUST ABOUT EVERY meal we make. Love me some salt! These are some of my favorite, compliant blends :Whole 30 Spices. In general, spices and salts will be compliant just read labels and make sure that the spices are sugar and corn starch free

Ghee: Clarified Butter

This stuff is great! Absolutely, positively delicious. It doesn’t have the same heaviness of butter but does have the creaminess and adds the tastiness to any dish. I’ve completely stopped using regular butter at this point and you will too when you taste this stuff. If you’re wondering why it’s better for you than traditional butter you can reference these articles: Benefits of Clarified Butter and Clarified Butter vs Butter

Fish Sauce

I discovered Fish Sauce from Nom Nom Paleo and, admittedly, I resisted using it because it doesn’t sound super appealing to me. I WAS WRONG! According to Nom Nom, the reason Fish Sauce is so good when added to ANYTHING is because of what the Japanese call Umami which means “pleasant, savory taste”. Let me tell you, it is pretty darn pleasant! I’ve gotten Fish Sauce from my local grocery store that I really like. This one is great, too:  Red Boat Premium Fish Sauce, 500 ml (17 oz.)

So don’t panic! The meal plan that I’m creating for us will feature GREAT tasting, compliant recipes that you will love. I’m going to keep it simple so even novice cooks will be able to join in. If you have any favorite Whole30 recipes or special requests let me know! I’d love to collaborate and make sure that we have a meal plan that you look forward to following! 

Also, if you want to join in on the fun, let me know in the comments, shoot me an email, or get with me on Facebook

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