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Whole30 Meals On The Go


One of the roadblocks I get the most regarding Whole30 goes something like this, ” I think this is a great idea, and I’d like to try it, but there’s just no way. I travel too much”. Look, I get that traveling while dieting is super inconvenient. But let’s be honest, will there ever be 30 days of our lives when we won’t be traveling, have after work commitments, have a sick child, have a spouse who’s traveling for work and unable to help prep, etc. There will ALWAYS be reasons to postpone your health and self-care. 

The good news is, we don’t have to let these piddly excuses get in the way of progress for ourselves. The blogosphere is full of helpful Whole30s who have come before us to help prepare us for when situations are less than ideal regarding our Whole30 experience. Let’s take our journey out of the kitchen and talk about how to have satisfying and compliant whole30 meals on the go! 


No Refrigerating, No Heat Meal Components 

   Remember to follow the Whole30 meal template: a meal should contain protein, veggies, and a plated fat. A Mini Meal should contain at least 2 of these components. If you don’t have items             handy or weren’t able to plan from home, don’t fear, a lot of these items can be found at gas stations or by popping in to a small grocery store that’s already on your path!

  1. Chomps Sticks – natural, sugar free, beef sticks. Because my city doesn’t have a store that consistently carries these, I buy these online to make sure I always have some on had
  2. Dried Fruit – make sure that your fruit is truly JUST fruit and seasoned with compliant seasonings
  3. Raw Veggies – eat these with ranch or tahini!
  4. Whole30 Tahini – pair with raw veggies, fruit, or homemade chips
  5. 5 Minute Whole30 Ranch Dressing
  6. Raw Nuts – sometimes, when I’m feeling fancy, I roast my favorite nuts with cinnamon and sea salt!
  7. Seeds – sunflower and pumpkin are my favorite
  8. Deviled Eggs
  9. Homemade Potato or Sweet Potato “chips”  
  10. Berries 
  11. Wholly Guacamole
  12. RX Bars – Make sure that you’re picking compliant flavors!
  13. Nut Butters – Justin’s Almond Butter comes in these neat travel packs that you can pop into your bag without fear of spillage!
  14. Salami roll ups – Salami rolled up with veggies! My favorites are bell peppers and romaine lettuce or spinach
  15. Pickles
  16. Olives
  17. Cauliflower Hummus
  18. Mango Avocado Salsa from Nom Nom

Whole30 Meals at a Restaurant

  Of all the Whole30 rounds I’ve done, I’ve never completed a round without eating out at least a few times. For the most part, I try to eat at home or bring my own food but there are times when that will just not be an option. In these cases, take a few of these suggestions to staying compliant and satisfied when eating out during a round.

  1. Review the menu ahead of time – if at all possible, take a look at the menu while you’re still at home so that you can prepare yourself and already have in mind what you will order.
  2. Keep it simple – I tend to stick with a plain protein and side choice with a small salad. I know that I will be satisfied and these component meals are more likely to be compliant
  3. Bring your own dressing or add-ons – Depending on how far you want to go, bringing in your own salad dressing and/or ghee can boost an otherwise “blah” meal when eating out
  4. Have an accountability partner – Whether it’s your honey or BFF, let them know that you will be checking in with them while at the restaurant. Just that added bit of support might be the difference between a successful eating out experience and a Whole30 fail!


And that’s it for us this week! What’s on the menu at your house? I’d love to hear about your favorite recipes! You can find me on Facebook The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @that_paleo_mom, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy! I’ve also started a Facebook Accountability group for anyone on a round called Whole30 Journey Guidance and Support See you there!

Whole30 meals on the go
Whole30 meals on the go

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