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Whole30 Recipes and Meals- Lunch/Dinner


Hi everyone! If you are looking for the lunch and dinner recipes for our January Whole30 Program, you’ve come to the right place! For all your AM Meal needs, you can find those in the Breakfast Post Here! I hope you all love these recipes as much as I do. Remember that you can mix and match any of these during the plan if you just don’t feel like whatever I have on the menu for that night 😉

Cinnamon Beef Stew– a great make ahead meal! We will prep this during our first Meal Prep to enjoy a few times in week one. Don’t let the name scare you- this is just a REALLY good, really flavorful twist on your class beef stew.

Shepard’s Pie– Another great make ahead meal. You can prep this dish on the weekend for an easy weeknight meal or great take-to-work lunch option.

Moroccan Meatballs– if you are squeamish about cooking lamb (or just can’t find it) substitute lean ground beef or ground turkey! I will be using ground turkey 🙂 We will prep these by forming up the meatballs and chopping the vegetables!

Asian Meatballs– one of my favorites from Nom Nom Paleo, these meatballs are GREAT! I love making A LOT of extras so I can grab them whenever I get hungry throughout the day. 

Chocolate Chili– Like Cinnamon Beef Stew, this chili doesn’t actually taste like chocolate. But it is completely full of flavor and protein and a great meal to end the night with! This recipe is from the original Whole30 gal, so she know what she’s doing.

Mexican Beef– This is a pressure cooker recipe. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can adapt for the slow cooker by cooking the shallots in a skillet, then adding the ingredients to the slower cooker on low for 8-10 hours.

The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat– Another one from the original Whole30 gal, this chicken is really easy and SO moist. The key to this secret is the brine so don’t skip that stuff.

Cracklin’ Chicken– If you think you don’t like dark meat chicken, try this recipe just ONE TIME and I bet you will be converted. These chicken thighs are SO delicious and the crispy skin is the best part. 

Momma’s Famous Marinara Sauce– My really easy, super tasty homemade marinara to be paired with:

Paleo Italian Meatballs– These meatballs are SO tasty- yummy! If you don’t have coconut flour, you sub in almond flour, tapioca flour, or any non-grain flour. 😉

Nom Nom Pressure Cooker Kalua Pig– another FAVORITE from Nom Nom, her Slower Cooker Kalua Pig is adapted to a pressure cooker version- these are both AMAZING so just choose your preferred cooking method. Make sure you get a big ole pig because we are going to use the leftovers for BBQ Pork Fried Rice

BBQ Pork Fried Rice– This recipe is from the first Well Fed book and it combines two of my favorite Whole 30 meals into one- cauliflower fried rice and Kalua Pig!

Big O Bacon Burgers– JAM PACKED full of flavor, another Nom Nom Paleo find. These burgers boast cremini mushrooms, and everyone’s favorite, BACON. These are totally satisfying just as the patties but you can add roasted portabella caps to make a “bun” if you want! 

The Perfect Tenderloin– This is the tastiest Whole 30 steak recipe, hands down. The secret is in the sear so make sure your pan is nice and hot before adding your beef to it!

Berry Spinach Salad– This recipe is adapted from! I love it because of the sweetness in the berries and the crunch of the walnuts. It’s a great meal when you’re craving something light and sweet!

Bora Bora Meatballs– Another favorite from Mel Joulwan. The pineapple lends some sweetness and the coconut flakes add the greatest crunch. These will become a Whole30 staple for you!

Jalapeno Chicken Burgers– One thing that we miss the most in our house during Whole30 is a good cheesy burger. This one makes that a little easier to bear! 

Paleo Taco Salad– This taco salad is delicious! The taco seasoning and mix of vegetables pair beautifully.

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken– Another Nom Nom Favorite using chicken thighs. If you’re still thigh hesitant, this is the recipe to try that will change your mind forever! 

Easy Paleo Chicken Casserole – This chicken casserole is SO easy and so yummy and I found it on my favorite website of all, Pinterest! 

Slow Cooker Beef Short Ribs– OMG… I’m not normally a ribs girl. Something about getting my face and hands all messy and sticky while eating as never been appealing to me. That’s why these beef short ribs are the perfect kind of ribs for me. they absolutely fall off the bone and are more reminiscent of an incredibly rich and tender pot roast than a rib. 

Roasted Red Pepper Soup– Yum! Another trusty Pinterest find. The red peppers are so smoky and warm…great way to warm up during these cold winter months! 

Whole30 Chick Fil A Nuggets– These Nuggets are DIVINE. I like to let them marinade overnight, it seems to get the batter to stick a little better. Make sure to swap out the cream for coconut milk! 

Buffalo Chicken Casserole– Top this with your favorite Whole30 compliant fat to get a full meat out of it! I love topping with avocado and salsa!

Coconut Shrimp/Chicken– Due to a shrimp allergy in my house, we don’t do shrimp at all..but that doesn’t mean we can’t use up some of our leftover coconut shavings. If you can’t or don’t eat shrimp, swap out chicken bites in this recipe- you won’t regret it!

Slow Cooker Jalapeno Chili– One of my favorite Recipes from Skinny Taste, this chicken AND beef chili is a crowd pleaser. I like to make it for game days so everyone can eat when they’re ready. BONUS: it’s even better on days 2 and 3! 

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Which recipes are you  most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments below!




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