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Whole30 Meal Template- Exactly What to Eat on Whole30


When talking to others on the Whole30 Journey, I hear the advice all the time that if we just eat compliant items, we will be fine. While only eating foods that are compliant is DEFINITELY a start, it’s not the point of the Whole30. The idea is to totally nourish your body through the food you put in it; and to do that, we have to be feeding it full of nutrients and vitamins at every meal. Simply eating a steak and potatoes 3 meals a day for 30 days, while technically compliant food choices, will not cure any physical ailments you have and certainly won’t deliver you the Tiger Blood we are all craving. 

The Meal Template- a perfectly balanced Whole30 meal combines these components: 

  1. Protein: You should have 1-2 palm size servings of protein at each meal to take up abotu 1/33 of your plate.

    Beef Tenderloin
    Beef Tenderloin


  2. Veggies: The rest of your plate- 2/3s- should be veggies. Veggies can be sauteed, roasted, baked, dried, raw- basically anyway you can make them, you can eat them
    Whole30 VeggiesWhole30 Week 1
    Whole30 VeggiesWhole30 Week 1


  3. Fat: A small amount of Whole30 approved fat should be added to each meal to keep you fueled and satisfied. Remember, eating good fats DOES NOT make you fat. Adding fats to each meal is easy- you can cook your meat of veggies in ghee or olive oil, throw olives onto your salad, or add coconut milk to your eggs. A little goes a long way so make sure you refer to the Whole30 Meal Template Guide for correct serving sizes

    Whole30 Fats
    Whole30 Fats


  4. Fruit (occasionally): Occasionally add a serving of fruit to your meals. We have fruit one time per day but how often and what kind of fruit you eat is up to you. Whole30 advises to limit Dried Fruits as it could be your way of getting your sugar fix.
    whole30 fruit
    whole30 fruit


Check out this shopping list from Whole30 to see exactly which ingredients you can base your plates off of: Whole30 Shopping List

So now that you know what basic ingredients to success, what should you make with them? Check out my Meal and Recipe posts to see exactly what we have eaten during this journey: Whole30 Meals and Recipes- BreakfastWhole30 Meals and Recipes- Lunch/DinnerWhole30 Meals and Recipes- Sides and Snacks

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