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Whole 30 Recipes and Meals- Week 4


We are officially on the downhill slide of this Whole30 Challenge! I know that a lot of you have committed to Whole60s, Whole90s, and beyond and that is FANTASTIC. A lot of people that I’ve spoken with don’t want all of the physical and mental benefits of this diet to wear off and I don’t blame them! If you still aren’t experiencing any of this Tiger Blood magic, hold on…it’s still coming. Some bodies just take longer to process out all of the junk we’ve been storing up for years.

With week 4 I wanted to focus on capitalizing on leftovers. A lot of times we feel like we “need” something new to eat at every meal and that’s simply not true. Learning to love leftovers does take some time so I’m bringing back some old favorites and introducing some serious crowd pleasers! This is also a big football weekend- Go Peyton- so anything that can be made for a crowd is a win in my book!

All recipes for this week can be found here:

Whole30 Recipes- Sauces and Dressings

Whole 30 Recipes- Breakfast

Whole 30 Recipes- Lunch/Dinner

Whole 30 Recipes- Sides and Snacks

Week 4- Meal Plan
Week 4- Meal Plan

** Here’s a fair warning Disclaimer for the meal plan: Sometimes the meals I put on the plan aren’t “full” meals in the eyes of the Whole30 program because they are lacking some portion that is necessary to create a balanced meal. They might be missing good fat, protein, or veggies. Mostly this happens because I don’t haven enough room to add them in my editing software and I put priority on listing the meals you might need a recipe for- so make sure that you read over the Whole30 Program Rules and are eating complete meals! **

I’ve found a couple new items on Amazon that are cheaper for me than my local grocery store

Coconut Cream– I have finally perfect my Whole 30 Coffee. Add some coconut cream, cinnamon, and coffee to a blender and blend, blend, blend until it’s super frothy and creamy! SO GOOD.

NutriBullet– This is the blender I use for my coffee and making marinades. I’ve been using mine for over 3 years and haven’t had any issues at all- one of the best kitchen investments I’ve ever made! 

RxBars – As we all know, snacking isn’t technically allowed on Whole 30… but it’s always good to have emergency stashes in case you get stuck in traffic for 2 hours (not that this happened to me recently). These bars are made mostly of dates and have a HUGE amount of protein so they’re not even close to “empty calories”. I keep a few in my car, purse, and diaper bags because you REALLY just never know…

Instant Pot– My mom originally heard about the Instant Pot from Michelle Nom Nom Paleo..she raved and raved about all the different things you could cook in it- Crispy Potatoes, Mexican Beef, Short Ribs, Rice, Broth, Beef Stews, etc.- until my mom finally broke down and bought it for my birthday! We use the Instant Pot at least 5 times a week! It cuts cooking time for meats by 70% and it is the most tender and juicy stuff you can imagine. It’s definitely an investment but soooo worth it…I cannot say enough great things about this product! This week, I’m making the Mexican beef, Marinara, and Crispy Potatoes in it. YUM!


Grocery List 4 (1)
Whole30 Grocery List

Make sure that the Hot Sauce you get is Whole30 Compliant- I like to get Frank’s because it comes in a HUGE bottle and lasts us a long, long time! 

Be sure to check your pantry for which spices you need a refill on before heading out the door! 

Whole 30 Meal Prep
Whole 30 Meal Prep

Finally, our prepping guide! This week’s prep should be the lightest one yet! 


For anyone just joining this series, check out Week’s 1-3 to see what we’ve been eating during this round of the Whole30 Challenge!

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