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Working with Family: A Cautionary Tale

Work with family

When I tell most people that I work with my husband I’m typically met with a mix of shock and confusion: “What do you mean you work with your husband? Like all day? Every day? Full time?” “Oh, wow. I’d never be able to do that. We’d kill each other.” “Oh, so he must be your boss. I would never want to work FOR my husband.” Now, add in that our latest adventure has been moving back to Texas to work with my dad. Disbelief abounds: “All of you work together? All day? Every day?” “Oh, wow. I’d never be able to do that. We’d kill each other.” “OH! So your dad gave y’all jobs.” *insert eye roll* There are a lot of common misconceptions about working with family. One is that one or all of you do it out of desperation and not actual choice. Another is that one or all of you will end up dead at each other’s hands or at least disinvited to family gatherings at some point in the future. My favorite misconception is the “you must not work that hard/much” innuendos. People seem to believe that purposely subjecting yourself to working with family means you won’t be able to handle it for 45+ hours a week so you’re definitely a part timer. I know that some of you are curious of what might happen if you quit your 9-5 to tackle a family venture. If you’re thinking about jumping on the family business bandwagon,…