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Whole30 Reintroduction Guide

whole30 reintroduction guide

Congratulations on completing this round of Whole30! Maybe it was your very first round, or maybe it was your tenth! Either way, it’s Day 31 and you’re ready to dive head first into a pizza and wash it down with an ice cold beer. I’m here to tell you that while you CAN choose to indulge in that way, you likely will regret it. I’m sharing this easy to follow, easy to implement Whole30 Reintroduction Guide to save you from that regret, and tummy ache! Not ready for reintro just yet? Check out all of my Whole30 tips and tricks while you’re here! First, I loosely follow the 10-day reintroduction plan, with a few extra days for alcohol. *Note that each of these do not HAVE to be reintroduced. If you simply want to live a grain free life, absolutely, go for it! The 10-day reintroduction is for those who want to evaluate any intolerance one might have to certain food groups, while not overstimulating the body.*  Just like introducing new foods to your baby, we’re going to reintroduce our bodies to one food group at a time WHILE KEEPING THE REST OF OUR DIET COMPLIANT. That means that even if you introduce legumes on day 3, do not keep eating them when you introduce non-gluten grains. This is to ensure, that in the event of a reaction, you can identify exactly caused the reaction with certainty.   Day 1: Alcohol  Awww, YEA! If these 30 days have felt especially trying regarding…