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Whole30 Prep Hacks – 5 Ways to Rock Whole30

5 Ways to Rock Whole30

the idea of Whole30 prep has a way of overwhelming us. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown: What exactly can I eat on this plan? How many eggs are too many? Will I do anything other than cook and clean my kitchen for a month? Maybe it’s a belief that we simply cannot live without our nightly dessert or glass(es) of wine. Maybe it’s because we know we need to change our relationship with food, but we really don’t if Whole30 will work out for our particular situation. Whatever the root cause may be, I believe that in order to complete a successful Whole30, you really do need to be bought in to the validity and substance of the program, which brings me to the Number 1 key to a successful Whole30.. here are my 5 ways to Rock Whole30   1 – Educate yourself  To complete a successful Whole30, you must educate yourself on the in’s and out’s of the program. Make it your mission to become a subject matter expert in the field of Whole30. The reasons for this are twofold: 1. You will be better able to create satisfying meals for yourself and 2. you will be able to recall the reason behind all of the restrictions the program has. If you can articulate to yourself – and nosey coworkers of family members – exactly why you believe cutting grains is a good health choice for you, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in the program. For…