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Whole30 Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets

Whole30 chick-fil-a chicken Nuggets

I have to admit that while we don’t eat out much even while not on Whole30, I do love Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets. Part of my love for them is DEFINITELY the superb service and clean facilities at Chick-Fil-A….and part of it is the excellent quality of chicken and perfect breading you get with every.single.bite.  I wanted to find a recipe that my toddlers would love that also complies with our new Paleo lifestyle….I searched high and low and finally found a recipe from The Domestic Man that we liked and I have been tweaking it ever since.  The key to the perfect chicken nugget, I have found, is making sure that you give it enough time to marinade fully. Letting chicken marinade is important because the enzymes on the outside will start to break down allowing for batter to stick to it…but this takes time. Give yourself at LEAST 6 hours of marinading time but preferably 12-24. This is one of those dinners that I prep and get ready the night before and it is so, so worth the extra planning.  Kitchen Tools I use for this recipe: Cast Iron Skillet: Baking Sheet Wire Liners: Baking Sheet: Glass Mixing Bowls: If you liked this post you should check out my Facebook Page The Hungry Mommy and Instagram @that_paleo_mom   If you’re thinking about doing a Whole30, join my Facebook Accountability Group! I will be posting recipes and meals, humor, and encouragement for anyone who needs it! This article has affiliate links.…