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Whole30 Party Food – 15 Delicious Appetizers

whole30 party food

Hey there! Today I’m really thinking a lot about party foods. From Small Groups to football parties, birthday parties to girl’s nights, there are a lot of times that we get together with friends that involve food. I know that one of the hardest parts about transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle or completing a Whole30 is navigating these group situations without feeling deprived or grumpy that you can’t participate in the food your friends are enjoying. The best way I’ve found to handle these situations is to dive in head first and bring a few super tasty Whole30 Party Food treats of your own to each gathering. Most of these taste so great, no one will even notice how great they are for them!  You can also find some other favorites from past posts Whol30 Super Bowl Food and Paleo Friendly Game Day Recipes!   Baked Sweet Potato Chips – If your whole30  has you missing a good “crunch”, bake these up in a hurry! Low and Slow Chicken Wings – These wings are cooked super low (250 degrees) and for 4 hours, so plan ahead if you’re choosing the recipe. They are so flavorful and fragrant!  Baked Chicken Wings – just as fragrant and flavorful, these baked wings are cooked at a higher temp so you can prep these in a jiffy! Teriyaki Chicken Wings – If you’re on a Whole30 round, omit honey and double pineapple juice for this recipe   Blackened Shrimp Bites – Who doesn’t love blackened shrimp? I also stir up blackened chicken…