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Toddlers: 15 Ridiculous Notions Mine Know to be True

Toddler facts

I have to tell you, I’m in a constant state of confusion with my children:     One day we are potty-trained, the next day we are pooping in the hallway.     One day we eat chicken nuggets, the next day we throw ourselves on the ground at the sight of protein.     One day we LOVE gold glitter shoes, the next day our feet physically cannot be bound by those torture devices. The list goes on. I know that children go through phases and stages and LEEPS and all those things but it seems that lately the only constant is that confusion abounds in this house. I’m pretty sure that they compare notes to make sure all levels of absurdity are handled by at least one of them on a given day. I decided to sit down for a moment and try to peer inside their little toddler reasoning to understand the constant tantrums, fights, and frustration of these two little people. These 15 truths are what seem to be governing their toddler decision-making, and my life, at the moment. 15 Undeniable Truths- as interpreted from the actions of my toddlers: If my sibling is playing with a toy, that toy is the most desirable thing on Earth. Even if said toy has been lodged under the treadmill, forgotten, for over a month. If Mommy is on the phone, she’s not really talking to someone else on the other end; she’s inviting you to grab that phone out…

Holiday Travel with Toddlers

My general advice for traveling during the holidays with toddlers is simple: Don’t. Turn down all the party invites and social gathering requests that are more than 30 miles away from your home. Your children and your sanity cannot tolerate an excess amount of strangers, candy, or hotels for any extended amount of time. However, since half of our family doesn’t even live in the same state as us, we will be part of the Travel Club this holiday season. I’m SO excited to see our family but SO NOT excited to travel with my tribe of tiny terrorists. A helpful article detailing how to pack for the trip is coming next week. For now, enjoy my handy dandy diagram about Holiday Travel with Toddlers <3 If you liked this post you should check out my Facebook The Stylish Mommy and Instagram @the_stylish_mommy <3 See you there! 

20 Ways Toddlers Torture Their Parents

20 ways toddlers torture their parents

I will be the first to tell you that my two littles are the absolute most beautiful babies to have ever been born. (proof, for your viewing pleasure.)  They never even went through the awkward-alien-looking newborn phase. Seriously, they were born cute and have only gotten cuter ever since. The downfall to this abundance of cuteness is that they know how cute they are and how to work this cuteness to their advantage and our demise. These babies seem to be under the impression that, based solely on their cute little smiles, they can be really annoying and/or downright gross, and we will just take it without complaint. They’re the perfect little baby terrorists; knowing exactly how much pain to inflict before easing up and batting those Baby Blues. MonsterGraham likes to be particularly flirty while I’m hosing him off outside because the diaper he delivered couldn’t be dealt with within the confines of four walls. I’ve compiled a list of 20 activities my toddlers partake in for the sole purpose of torturing the adults around them: Smiles at you while openly defying you *opens forbidden door* *but look mom, I’m giving you the big girl smile* “Naps” in the car for five minutes. Doesn’t “need” to nap for the rest of the day. Shares snacks with their toys, pets, and newborn baby brother. Shares all illnesses, too. Doesn’t poop for three days… …poops 8 times on day four! Throws pacifiers out of crib in the middle of the night.…