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17 Super Compelling Reasons to NOT Text and Drive

reasons to not text and drive

I would think that by now there would be no controversy over texting and driving but, based on the fact that I have been nearly hit by drivers who are obviously texting while driving on two separate occasions in the past 24 hours, I feel the need to put down in text how absolutely wreck less (or wreck-causing) the practice is…The fact that I’m actually putting time and energy into writing about why one shouldn’t text and drive is in itself supremely annoying. Whatever: here is a definitive, no holds barred, all-encompassing list of reasons to NOT text and drive: You could kill yourself You could kill the people in your vehicle You could kill other innocent people who have the unfortunate fate of being on the road at the same time you are You could misspell something in your text, changing the meaning or context your text and come across as creepy or offensive. Autocorrect isn’t as easy to catch when you’re flying down the interstate at 80MPH In 46 states texting while driving is ILLEGAL You could miss out on the awesome song on the radio You could miss your musical cue, “ohhhh we’re halfway there..” You could run over a dog You could run over a person You could hit a deer You could hit a construction worker You could hit a curb with your brand new rims You could miss your exit You could run into inanimate objects like grocery carts or traffic cones You could look…