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5 Pieces of Advice to My Teen Mom Self

5 Pieces of Advice

I’ve gotten my love for writing and chronicling our lives from my mom. I remember her writing letters for me about current events in our lives, advice, and family memoirs back before blogging was a thing and she only had a pen and paper to keep her thoughts. So naturally, I asked her to be my first guest blogger. Not surprisingly: she didn’t disappoint.     My daughters are twelve, twenty, and twenty-six this year.  I love saying that – try it out loud – it’s great fun.   My girls – DeeAnna, Lauren, and Anna – were born across three decades of my life.  By the time our youngest, Anna, reaches the age of majority, I will have been mothering daughters for over thirty years.  How time flies.   Not surprisingly, a lot has changed in those years.  I’ve gone from being the youngest mother at Dee’s kindergarten orientation class (well, yeah, I was a Teen Mom before MTV made it popular), to being one of the older mothers (surely not THE oldest?) at Anna’s middle school open house this year.  I’ve learned a lot, and I’m still learning. When DeeAnna first suggested that I write on this topic, I made that squint-grimace face we all make when when we would rather not go there.   So first let me say: 1) I do NOT recommend having a baby at the age of 18; and 2) I often feel that I just now have any business raising a child; and 3) while I didn’t actually give birth to…