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4 Reasons I’m Not Outraged that Social Media is “Fake”

Social Media Fake TEXT

I know that a every single person uses social media for different reasons. I understand that our motives for posting certain things and leaving out others are all over the board ranging from wanting to feel accepted to a deep rooted craving for attention. With all the recent outrage going on about social media being “fake” and “unrealistic”, I’ve tried to become outraged. I’ve tried to see where all of the outrage is even coming from. I’ve tried to be mad at people I follow for “lying” to me in the way they portray their lives. I’ve tried to find outrage inside me because I KNOW that you DID NOT wake up like that. I know that you sometimes kind of think your kids are jerks. I know that you don’t love every single meal that your mother-in-law cooks for you. I know that sometimes you absolutely hate being single. I know that sometimes you fantasize about telling your boss exactly what you think and never coming back. The problem is this: I’m not outraged. Not even a little bit. I truly AM NOT upset by all the editing and “lies” that I am encountered with on social media every day: here’s why: 1. Your social media posts are about you, not your followers When you upload a perfectly filtered and edited picture or post to social media, you’re doing that for yourself. You’re doing it for your own need to be liked or wanted or accepted, and if you’re…