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5 Minute Whole30 Ranch Dressing

Whole 30 Ranch Dressing

Are you missing a few of your old standby meal enhancements during this Whole30 Challenge? ME TOO! This isn’t about a food “crutch”, sometimes a girl just needs some ranch dressing to get through the day. Luckily for us, homemade ranch dressing is just a few ingredients and minutes away! This is a recipe that does REALLY well with an immersion blender. What’s an immersion blender you ask? This little handheld blender that really gets into ALL the ingredients and works them together better than any other device. The great news is these are pretty affordable and SUPER versatile. I use this for making all of my dressings, deviled eggs, mixing up baking recipes when no on Whole30: the possibilities are endless! This is the Immersion Blender that I got from Amazon, and I LOVE IT! If you don’t have an immersion blender and don’t want to invest in one right now, your hand blender will work for this just make sure that you use the lowest setting possible and take a spatula to the sides of your mixing bowl often! If you’re looking for other Whole30 inspiration and don’t know where to start, check out these posts for a few Whole30 Compliant Recipe Roundups! Whole30 Recipes- Breakfast Whole 30 Recipes- Sides and Snacks Whole 30 Recipes- Lunch/Dinner Affiliate Links: Sometimes in my posts you might see my affiliate disclaimer where I tell you that I’m promoting a product and, if you buy the product from clicking my link, I…

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Prep

  Growing up on the coast in South Texas, I’ve always had a complicated relationship with hurricane season. On the one hand, the possibility of getting out of school for a few days was thrilling! On the other hand, as a lifelong worry wart, I specifically remember being 8 years old and preparing to evacuate wondering if our house would be there when we got back, where we would stay if it wasn’t, and how I would get to school if the bridge to the island we live on was damaged. Now, as an adult, those worries only grow stronger. Will our insurance cover the damage to our property? How long will that take? Will we be able to get back to our houses? When? Will there be looters and crime? The good thing about hurricanes is we have days, sometimes over a week, to prepare. Even with all that notice, it astonishes me how many people are truly caught off guard when the time comes to evacuate. Pay Attention to the Weather Hurricane season is the same time each year, folks. No need to be surprised. Even if you are an avid news avoider, set your Weather Alerts to let you know about tropical updates from June through November. I’ve personally found that Intellicast is more accurate (less theatrical) than the Weather Channel when it comes to hurricanes. Being mindful of tropical weather insures that you can take advantage of ALL THE NOTICE we have to make sure your…