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Cheesy Slow Cooker French Dip

French Dip

There is something about dreary, gray weather that brings out the comfort food craving in me and nothing screams comfort as loudly as a classic French Dip sandwich. The key to a great French Dip experience, of course, is the au jus. Interestingly enough, the best au jus I’ve made is also the easiest! Hey, when a delicious recipe is also easy, I don’t question it.  Today, I found the most beautiful Sub Rolls at our grocery store and just knew that they needed to be stuffed with copious amounts of provolone and dipped in glorious au jus.  Since this was a last minute idea, I grabbed the on sale shoulder roast (score) and trimmed it up to make it work for the French Dip. Really, any beef roast will do. I am cooking 4.5 lbs because, as usual, i’m cooking for a crowd. You want to get as much fat off the roast as possible then season with Salt and Pepper. I use Coarse Salt and plain old black pepper. Before checking out, I headed over to the gravy aisle and got the three easiest components for au jus EVER: Low Sodium Beef Broth, Au Jus gravy mix, and onion soup mix. It doesn’t look great in the picture, but the end result is glorious! I will take “after” pictures once it’s all put together. Now, to sit back and wait! If you liked this you should check out my Facebook The Stylish Mommy and Instagram  @the_stylish_mommy ! See you there! XOXO