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Whole 30 Berry Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette

whole 30 salad

Alright Whole 30 Warriors, I’ve been testing out a few whole 30 salads for our meal plan. The best ones that I’ve seen have lots of protein and veggies and NO reason to miss that cheese topping we’re all so used to. This salad is jam packed with berries and loaded down with Walnuts!  The blueberry vinaigrette is sweet and warm and will remind you of summer days even in the dead of winter!  

Whole30 Meals- Week One

Whole30 Meal Plan

AH! It’s almost here! I’m so excited to get started on the Whole30 Program with you all! If you haven’t already had the chance to read the past few posts about getting prepared for the journey, please take a second to check these out: Whole30 Prep- What You Need to Know Whole 30 Prep- Do’s and Don’ts Whole 30 Prep- Last Minute Buys Ok, did you read those? Then we are almost ready! I’ve been creating our meal plan while keeping in mind that the most likely way that we can all stick to this is to make the plan VERY TASTY and as EASY as possible for all cooking levels. These recipes have all been tested by my family and me and are 100% taste bud approved. They are also easy for any cook to get the hang of so even if you aren’t super comfortable in the kitchen, you will be able to follow these recipes!  You will notice that a lot of our lunches are actually leftovers from dinner from the night before. I like to do this so that there is less prepping and less cooking overall. After dinner each night, simply pack up the leftovers for your lunch the next day. That way, your lunch is ready to go before you even wake up. If you are completely against leftovers, you can mix and match any of these and make more recipes so that you have fresh options for lunch. A big part of Whole30…

Whole30 Recipes and Meals- Lunch/Dinner

Lunch dinner w text

Hi everyone! If you are looking for the lunch and dinner recipes for our January Whole30 Program, you’ve come to the right place! For all your AM Meal needs, you can find those in the Breakfast Post Here! I hope you all love these recipes as much as I do. Remember that you can mix and match any of these during the plan if you just don’t feel like whatever I have on the menu for that night 😉 Cinnamon Beef Stew– a great make ahead meal! We will prep this during our first Meal Prep to enjoy a few times in week one. Don’t let the name scare you- this is just a REALLY good, really flavorful twist on your class beef stew. Shepard’s Pie– Another great make ahead meal. You can prep this dish on the weekend for an easy weeknight meal or great take-to-work lunch option. Moroccan Meatballs– if you are squeamish about cooking lamb (or just can’t find it) substitute lean ground beef or ground turkey! I will be using ground turkey We will prep these by forming up the meatballs and chopping the vegetables! Asian Meatballs– one of my favorites from Nom Nom Paleo, these meatballs are GREAT! I love making A LOT of extras so I can grab them whenever I get hungry throughout the day.  Chocolate Chili– Like Cinnamon Beef Stew, this chili doesn’t actually taste like chocolate. But it is completely full of flavor and protein and a great meal to end the…

Last Minute January Whole30 Prep

whole30 prep

Hi Guys!  I’m feverishly working to get the rest of our meal plan and grocery lists together this morning! I’m also placing a quick Amazon order of some things that we will all need to get through the program. If you head over to Amazon, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2 day shipping to get all your goods to you in time to start next week!  Lara Bars– about half of all Lara Bars are Whole30 compliant and my favorite of those are Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, and Lemon Bar     Extra Tupperware– I HATE mismatched Tupperware so about once every couple years I throw everything out and re order these Rubbermaid sets. They all stack easily, are dishwasher safe, and don’t stain. Rubbermaid 42 piece set   Ghee– Ghee (aka clarified butter) is a big staple for us during the program. I always end up needing more than I planned on so I’m order some more today. This is my favorite but any brand will work!     Coconut Oil– Again, I always use more coconut oil than I think I will. Ordering more just to be safe     Are you guys getting excited? I know I am! Let me know what questions you have…I’ll be back with our first week’s plan and grocery list soon!  This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link which…