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A Comparison: Single Life vs Married with Children Life

Single Life vs Married Life

It goes without saying that life as a married mother of two varies significantly from my former life as a single and free city girl, but I’ll say it anyway: MAN, has life changed. There are some MAJOR changes, like the fact that two little terrorists cherubs depend on me totally and completely for everything that they want and need. There are also subtle changes that I don’t really notice until I’m talking to one of my single BBFs: you’re going to scuba diving, to work, to happy hour, to yoga, and out to dinner? All in one night? That sounds fabulous. That also sounds completely exhausting. Comparing day-to-day tasks with my single friends really highlights how different my life is with two littles and a husband in tow.   Grocery Shopping                 Grocery shopping when you’re single is annoying for various reasons. 1. I’m too busy tending to my social life to learn to cook. Why do I persist in needing things like toilet paper and almond milk for my smoothies? 2. All these screaming and crying babies in here! WTF! All these dead beat mothers need to get their kids in line before I have a nervous breakdown.                 Grocery shopping when you’re married with kids is still annoying but for different reasons. 1. I’m too busy tending to the needs of these people I created to spend an hour at a time in this place. 2. If I don’t get whatever we need today, I will have…