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Momma’s Famous Marinara Sauce

Marinara Sauce

Up until last year, I always bought marinara sauce at the grocery store…and it was fine. Like, I would eat it in lasagna or spaghetti and it was okay. But it wasn’t life changing. And it definitely wasn’t something I would categorize as special. Since the marinara was never GREAT, we didn’t eat a lot of recipes that involved marinara. One day it hit me: maybe I’m missing the boat here; maybe I need to figure out how to make this stuff on my own. Surely I can figure it out. Lucky for all of us, I did. This is my now famous, totally delicious and SUPER EASY marinara sauce.  Here’s the thing; marinara is really easy and you really don’t need that many spices. I stick with traditional Italian spices and just layer them as necessary. Let me sauce finish cooking and readjust seasoning as needed. To incorporate the seasoning, bring the sauce back to a boil, add additional seasoning, and bring it back to a simmer. Warning: With marinara this good, you will be eating A LOT of Italian dishes.