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Whole30 Prep- What You Need to Know

whole30 prep

Hi Guys, We are starting a Whole30 circuit on January 4th and I’m so excited! For those of you who aren’t sure what Whole30 is, you can refer to the Whole 30 Website to learn the general “rules” of the plan. Basically, it is a completely primal, non-processed diet that you follow in 30 day intervals. We can eat loads of meat, veggies, nuts, and some fruits. Though you can adopt the diet year-round, it’s pretty difficult to stick to this all day, everyday- especially if you travel or eat out to any extent.  This might sound intimidating or depriving, but if you really get into the thought process- that our bodies don’t physically need grains, dairy, alcohol, etc.- you will be surprised at how much food you REALLY CAN eat. I’m going to do the hard part; create the meal plans, grocery lists, and weekly prepping instructions! I will provide Week 1 on January 1 and our first weekly meal prep will be on January 3.  Before that, we need to make sure that your kitchen is stocked with some tools and ingredients you *might* not already have and *might* not be able to get at a grocery store. Don’t worry; it’s a short list: Zoodler- since noodles are not Whole30 compliant, we will be making our own noodles our of zucchini and squash from time to time. I have this   Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Makes Veggie Pasta. It’s definitely not the most glamorous one you can find, but it…