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12 Signs You’ve Married a Cheapskate


Confession: I’ve married a cheapskate. Keith and I are pretty similar in most ways and are on the same page with how to handle situations at least 90% of the time without even really discussing it. Should I work after having babies? Absolutely. Should we make popcorn after dinner? DUH. Should we buy the Corvette we’re both coveting? Not practical. Should we quit our great jobs in Knoxville and move to Texas? Sure, why not? Should we spend the extra $0.99 and upgrade to Guacamole with our Fajitas? *crickets* You see, we seem to differ fiscally in ways that I could have never anticipated. We are both UBER planners and therefore have budgets and sub-budgets for everything. We can stick to these plans with no issue but the actual spending of the money in each of these budget lines is actually painful for my husband. So we come to the issue at hand: which small investments are worth making for the sake of lifestyle and which ones are worth sacrificing for the sake of saving? I will be the first to admit that 99% of the time I am in the SPEND IT, EXPERIENCE IT camp. I want the guacamole, I want ALL THE THINGS in the Dollar Bin at Target, I want the $3 matching bow for Annabelle’s clothes. To me, this makes me a barganista…I would spend multiple dollars on the crap in the Target bin if I shopped elsewhere. The bow for Annabelle’s outfit, it would cost…