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The Organized Girl’s Guide to The Perfect Hospital Bag

Perfect Hospital Bag

Alright, you guys know I love a good checklist. I’ve had multiple girlfriends request the checklist to end all checklists for packing the perfect hospital bag for them and their soon-to-be little bundles of joy. I can promise you that you will want to pack SO MUCH MORE than is on this list: don’t. You won’t ever take a hair dryer out of your suitcase but you (or your adoring hubby) will still have to drag it out of the hospital eventually. The hospital will have EVERYTHING that baby NEEDS while in the hospital- diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets, etc. The only things you need to bring for baby will be comfort items you have picked out for them. For Momma: Cute headbands– The only way I kept myself sane waiting for my children to make their grand entrances was by messing with my hair. I had planned inductions but I still truly believed that my water would spontaneously break and I would be rushed to the hospital, making it without a second to spare. Because of this, I spent most of the last month of my pregnancy curling my hair. I DID NOT want to be on day 3 of a blowout when I went into labor (#firstworldproblems). Anyway, even if you haven’t had time to do your hair, a cute and comfortable elastic headband will take your mind off your hair and back onto the baby about to make you a momma! Headband 1 Headband 2 Makeup– Generally, labor is…