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At Home Glowing Self Tanning How To

Self Tanning Tutorial

Living in South Texas is mostly really awesome; we’re close to the beach, never more than a stone’s throw away from a good breakfast taco, and everywhere you go has margaritas. One of the downsides of living in paradise is that we don’t really get great seasons. We basically get three seasons: Windy, Hot, and Hotter. During Windy (what we are currently experiencing. Typically lasts from November-February) the average temperatures are in the low 70’s and we are accompanied with a lot of gray, windy days. It doesn’t ever really get cold enough to need to break out the boots or scarves but it’s definitely not warm enough to garner a tan at the beach.  During the Windy season our sun-kissed tans fade away and us South Texas girls have an insatiable craving to be perfectly bronze once more. I’ve never been once for tanning beds (and you shouldn’t be either according to EVERYONE and EVERY study EVER)  and having someone professionally spray tan you on the regular gets expensive. After much trial and error, I’m here to tell you that I have found the absolute best, full proof way to give yourself a perfectly glowing tan at home! Follow the instructions below to take you from Faded and Sad to Glowing and Glad in 10 minutes!  At Home Sun Kissed Self Tanning How To You will need:    1 Body Brush     Favorite body exfoliate    Body Self tanner– My All-time favorite is Sun Laboratories in Medium. I have naturally olive…