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Why Old Friends are the Best Friends

old friend

They say that if you keep a friend for 7 years, you have a friend for life. In that case, I’m lucky enough to have a handful of lifelong friends. I just got back from the most revitalizing girl’s weekend with one of my oldest friends. We were in Charleston and got to see a lot of great sites and eat a lot of great food but the best part of the whole weekend was just spending good, quality time with her. We always pick up where we left off but this trip was different: it was the first time since becoming adults we’ve been alone without other friends, our husbands, or kids and it was just what this mommy’s soul needed. I have some newer friends that I adore, but old friends are just so special. First, a little blast from the past: Below are my top 11 reasons why old friends are the best friends: They know what you’re thinking by the look on your face                 You can tell what is going through their heads without one word; their facial expressions say it all. This becomes especially handy in public spaces where saying what’s actually running through your heads wouldn’t be socially acceptable. They know the history                 There’s no wasted time explaining the backstory or history of a situation you’re discussing. If you tell them your cousin’s best friend’s sister is buying a home they know exactly who you’re talking about and which neighborhood she’s probably…

5 Things Your Grieving Friend Wants You to Know

what your grieving friend wants you to know

Before last year, I couldn’t say that I know much about the grief process. Unfortunately, our family was rocked by multiple deaths during the last half of 2014, and we became accustomed to the awkwardness that comes with navigating work and your social circle while you are in the throes of tragedy. No one knows what to do, what to say, or how to act around you, so they don’t do anything. During the first few weeks of my husband’s sister, Erin, being missing, SO many people wanted to know what they could do to help…but we were in such a fog of sleep deprivation and emotional overload that we really had no idea what to say to our friends. There’s no handbook for these things, and no one is sure what to do or how to help- even when they really, really want to. These are the things I wish I had been able to tell everyone who wanted to help but didn’t know how: 1.I DO want to talk about it                 I want to tell you how much I miss the person I lost. I want to tell you that this feels like nothing I could have ever imagined and I’m not sure how I’m ever going to get over it. I want to wallow in this for a while, and I want you to be comfortable with letting me do that. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable and you don’t know what to say, but…