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Whole30 Memorial Day Recipe Roundup

Whole30 The Aftermath - Copy

You guys, can you even believe that we are already creeping upon Memorial Day weekend? We are so happy to finally be able to get outside, get some sun, and begin the summer right with a great Memorial Day get together. We’ve been pretty strictly eating Paleo since January and are starting a new Whole30 round on June 1! Since our Memorial Day party won’t have the usual bread, cheese, and sugar loaded dishes, I have started compiling my favorite crowd pleasing recipes that can carry us through the summer.  I also want to take the time to thank all of our active duty military, veterans, and those who have lost their lives defending our freedoms. Memorial Day is about so much more than grilling out- remember their sacrifice! Whole30 South Texas Turkey Burgers Whole30 Oven Roasted Potato Wedges– What’s a Memorial Day without crisp and salty potato wedges? These are SUPER flavorful…beware, there won’t be leftovers. Whole30 Cashew Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates– These might be considered a SWYPO for some, but not for our family. It’s a good “treat” for other Non-Wholers at your party also! Whole30 Berry Salad w/ Blueberry Vinaigrette– Sometimes you just need a salad! This berry filled salad will cool you down on the hottest of Memorial Days. Garlic Broccoli and Potatoes – omit Parmesan in recipe for a totally compliant and super flavorful side dish Paleo Avocado and BACON Sliders– These Sliders from are EVERYTHING! The sweet potato bun gets me every time.…

Paleo Sweet Potato Recipe Roundup

  If you’ve been contemplating going Paleo or trying a round of Whole30® ,  you’ve probably come to realize how integral sweet potatoes are in clean eating. I will admit that I have gotten bored with my usual sweet potato recipes a time or two but I’m not going to let that happen again! I’ve rounded up my 12 favorite sweet potato recipes featured them below. Each of these are Paleo compliant but a few are not Whole30® approved so make sure that you are following all those Rules and Recommendations before recreating any of these recipes. I love each of these recipes for different reasons but I mostly love how versatile our main ingredient is. Sweet potatoes can be sweet, savory, Asian inspired, crunchy, melty, and always downright delicious. Sweet potatoes boast a variety of health benefits for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, being helpful in regulating blood sugar, and containing impressive amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B6, Biotin, and fiber….so make these recipes and thank yourself for such a smart decision later!   Paleo Sweet Potato Fries– I love these easy and crispy sweet potato fries. We eat them with this delicious-on-everything Bearnaise Sauce Paleo Sweet Potato Chips– I use this recipe for Sweet Potato Nachos to make the chips! We eat them as snacks, as nachos, with chili, really anytime you are missing the extra “crunch”! Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes– These sweet potatoes taste like the holidays year round. I love the addition of cranberries and cinnamon…

Not your Momma’s Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli w text

If you’re like me, your earliest memories with broccoli might bring back feelings of disgust and images of sad, soggy broccoli drowning in cheese sauce…it’s not a pleasant thought. The only broccoli I tried as a child other than that just described was SUPER bland and boring, blanched broccoli that needed an excessive amount of salt and butter to be edible.  These days, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for broccoli and I can attribute most of this appreciation to pairing broccoli with lemon. This is by no means groundbreaking but I’ve met JUST ENOUGH people who claim to HATE broccoli that I feel like I need to share how AMAZING it really can be.  The secret to this recipe is two things: lemon and garlic. With the right amount of lemon juice and zest and sauteed garlic, you will be satisfied eating garlic for every meal to come!  If you liked this you should check out my Facebook The Hungry Mommy and Instagram @the_hungry_mommy

Whole30 Plan Dos and Dont’s

Whole30 Plan

I’m still working on gearing up our meal plan for the Whole30 Plan in January! As part of this preparation, I’ve been referencing the original book on the subject, It Starts With Food. I know that not everyone has read the book so I wanted to give a quick Whole30 Do’s and Don’ts guide to help you get your head ready for the challenge. DO come prepared.   Give yourself plenty of time 1 day per week to do some meal prep for the week ahead. Our plan will be following a Sunday Meal Prep Day but any day that works for you is fine. Every person that has gone through Whole30 will tell you that the hardest part is getting through a strike of hunger when they have no food prepped. Take the time to follow our meal prep guide so that you don’t get stuck! DON’T believe the myth that we have to eat something different during every meal.  One of the basic premises of Whole30 is breaking our chains free from using food to cope with daily life. This one is SO HARD for me because all of our celebrations seem to center around food and I show love by creating elaborate meals for them. But we need to condition our bodies and minds to relying on food for nourishment and healing and not emotional gratification. All that to say, we will repeat some recipes during the meal plan. We will eat leftovers for lunch during the circuit.…

Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin

If you have haven’t figured it out yet, I’m here to tell you that our family loves some red meat. In particular, steaks. We are steak eaters. I came across this recipe from The Pioneer Woman for a whole beef tenderloin last year and I’ve been perfecting it every since so you are now privy to the perfected recipe on your first shot!  Get a 4-5 lb tenderloin at your local butcher. If your butcher is feeling generous, have him go ahead and trim it up for you! If not, make sure you trim the fat off really well before seasoning the tenderloin. Next up: season the tenderloin. Rub in Lawry’s Seasoned Salt ALL OVER the tenderloin. Make sure it’s really rubbed in well. Then comes the Lemon Pepper. Rub it in well, too.   Now take your peppercorns and put them in a sealed plastic bag. Beat those suckers with a meat tenderizer until they’re crushed well. Set aside. You need a HOT, heavy pan. Turn the flame to high and melt 4 Tbls ghee in the pan until it’s “screaming” hot. You will know it’s hot enough if the steak “screams” as soon as it’s placed in the pan. If the steak doesn’t let out a yell, take if off and continue heating the pan.  Sear the tenderloin on all sides until it has a nice, brown crust; about 2-3 minutes per side. Place the tenderloin on a wire rack on top of a large baking sheet. When…

Cheesy Slow Cooker French Dip

French Dip

There is something about dreary, gray weather that brings out the comfort food craving in me and nothing screams comfort as loudly as a classic French Dip sandwich. The key to a great French Dip experience, of course, is the au jus. Interestingly enough, the best au jus I’ve made is also the easiest! Hey, when a delicious recipe is also easy, I don’t question it.  Today, I found the most beautiful Sub Rolls at our grocery store and just knew that they needed to be stuffed with copious amounts of provolone and dipped in glorious au jus.  Since this was a last minute idea, I grabbed the on sale shoulder roast (score) and trimmed it up to make it work for the French Dip. Really, any beef roast will do. I am cooking 4.5 lbs because, as usual, i’m cooking for a crowd. You want to get as much fat off the roast as possible then season with Salt and Pepper. I use Coarse Salt and plain old black pepper. Before checking out, I headed over to the gravy aisle and got the three easiest components for au jus EVER: Low Sodium Beef Broth, Au Jus gravy mix, and onion soup mix. It doesn’t look great in the picture, but the end result is glorious! I will take “after” pictures once it’s all put together. Now, to sit back and wait! If you liked this you should check out my Facebook The Stylish Mommy and Instagram  @the_stylish_mommy ! See you there! XOXO