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Whole30 Recipes- Sauces and Dressings

whole30 Dressings and Sauces

Arguably, the best part of many meals are the accompaniments. They can make or break a dish with their flavor profile, aroma, and visual appeal. During the Whole30 Challenge, I’ve found them to be exponentially more important because of all the other things my body is “missing”. The meal plans I’ve put together leave a lot of room for personal preference in the way of which sauces and dressings you can add to each meal. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites and of the things I like to pair them with: 5 Minute Whole30 Ranch Dressing– This ranch dressing is something I’ve been playing around with for a while. It’s super easy and, like the name says, only take 5 minutes to put together. I pair this with The Best Chicken Ever, over salads, and to eat with my favorite veggies! Blueberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing– The days of summer are here with this creamy, sweet dressing. The great part? You can make it from any berry in your fridge! Easy Whole30 Ketchup– Yum! This ketchup is delicious and so easy to make. This will keep in the refrigerator for a week or freezer for up to a month! Restaurant Style Salsa– This recipe is from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, so you know it has sugar in it! Just leave out the sugar for a perfectly Whole30 Salsa. I eat this with my favorite Taco Salad, and with many of the egg scrambles and frittatas I make in the…