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How to Build Your Dream Home- Part 1

Home Project

About a year ago now, we set out on our home building journey by accident. When our move down to Texas was imminent, we started looking for a house. Because we had previously looking for houses together and are self-proclaimed real estate experts with imaginary awards from HGTV like Most Valuable Viewer and Virtual Renovator of the Year,  we knew exactly what we were looking for in our next home: 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms Large master suite on main level Large kitchen 2 living spaces and 3 car garage This house in our heads seemed SO perfect and SO well laid out that we just KNEW it was already out there and waiting for us to find it…we would find it within a matter of minutes with a quick search online. 3 months, 1 realtor, and a lot of frustration later, we came to the conclusion that this perfect house didn’t exist…yet.  Since finding a house that was already built didn’t work out for us, we were thrust into the world of building…we’ve learned a lot in the past year that could come in handy if/when you are getting ready to embark on turning your own dream home into a reality.   Step 1: Loan Pre-Approval This is the really boring and really non glamorous part of all real estate transactions. Unless you’ve got cash to buy your land and build your house (high five if you do!), you will need to find a bank or credit union to finance…