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Whole30 Plan Dos and Dont’s

Whole30 Plan

I’m still working on gearing up our meal plan for the Whole30 Plan in January! As part of this preparation, I’ve been referencing the original book on the subject, It Starts With Food. I know that not everyone has read the book so I wanted to give a quick Whole30 Do’s and Don’ts guide to help you get your head ready for the challenge. DO come prepared.   Give yourself plenty of time 1 day per week to do some meal prep for the week ahead. Our plan will be following a Sunday Meal Prep Day but any day that works for you is fine. Every person that has gone through Whole30 will tell you that the hardest part is getting through a strike of hunger when they have no food prepped. Take the time to follow our meal prep guide so that you don’t get stuck! DON’T believe the myth that we have to eat something different during every meal.  One of the basic premises of Whole30 is breaking our chains free from using food to cope with daily life. This one is SO HARD for me because all of our celebrations seem to center around food and I show love by creating elaborate meals for them. But we need to condition our bodies and minds to relying on food for nourishment and healing and not emotional gratification. All that to say, we will repeat some recipes during the meal plan. We will eat leftovers for lunch during the circuit.…

Confessions from a –sometimes- Paleo Dieter

The Paleo Diet

You guys, I really want to lose the baby weight I accumulated from two back to back pregnancies in the past two years. I also REALLY like to eat food. I really like to eat good for me, healthy food. But I also REALLY like to eat not so good for me, homemade pizza and ice cream. And I typically add a few glasses of wine thrown in there to round me out each night. So, for the most part, we do really well. We basically NEVER eat out (Except tonight. Tonight we ordered pizza and it was glorious.), we shop on the outskirts of the grocery store- basically, we buy produce, meats, and dairy products for the babies- and we stick to a modified (because I choose to not live without cheese ALL the time) paleo diet. A lot of people I know are fully committed to this whole paleo lifestyle and have no qualms with the limitations it places on their variety of food. I’m STRIVING to be like those people, but, for now, I’m confessing that I don’t always love this lifestyle we are trying to commit to. So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, or maybe you have already and can admit that it’s not all grain-free sunshine and roses, read on! Confession 1 – Coming off of processed foods is a lot like coming off crack (at least what I think it would be like) Your body will actually ache as all the artificial…