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Whole30 Meals and Recipes- Breakfast


Hi Everyone!! Our Meal Plan for the January Whole30 Circuit is up! I’m separating all the recipes into two categories: Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner. When you see a recipe on the Meal Plan, you can find the recipes in one of these posts!  Breakfast- the most important meal of the day! Make sure to eat a full breakfast each morning…it will start your day (and metabolism) off right! Sweet Potato Sausage Scramble– This is a really easy and quick option, especially since we will prep the sweet potatoes and onions during our Week 1 meal prep!  Sweet Potato, Pancetta, and Apple Hash– an egg-free option for those of us who can’t handle eggs every day! This is equal parts sweet and savory…yum. If you will miss your eggs, just add one or two in and scramble it up! Easy Paleo Fritata– This recipe calls for “emergency protein” so if you have any leftover, cooked protein you need to get rid of, add it in. If not, I like to use breakfast sausage!  Pigs in a Skillet– Another favorite from Nom Nom Paleo, this recipe utilizes some leftover Pulled Pork that we will be making.  Spinach and Sausage Muffin– These sound weird, they’re not! Give them a try! Pancetta and Egg Muffin Cups– Oh. My. Gosh. The salty crispiness of the pancetta is EVERYTHING in this dish. Add whatever veggies you have on hand. A perfect make ahead whole 30 breakfast option! Cowboy Breakfast Skillet– The hot sauce MAKES this brekfast skillet.…