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5 Reasons Why Being the First to Have Kids is Awesome

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When we first learned that I was pregnant with Annabelle I had just turned 23, putting me squarely in the “young mom” category and also instantly categorizing me as the first of my close friends to have a baby. Most of my friends were barely married or out of grad school and nowhere near being “baby ready” so I spent a great deal of time thinking about what little I would have in common with them after the baby came. I was sooo worried that they would be bored with my new, motherly life and leave me behind in their fabulous dust. Since the arrival of Lady A, and 13 months later, Graham, my friendships have only grown stronger. I have found out exactly what happens when you’re the first of your friends to have kids…and it’s pretty awesome! These are my top 5 reasons why being the first mom in your group is the bomb: 1.They have no idea if you’re screwing it up                 One of the best things about my close friends not yet being moms is that they have absolutely no idea if I’m practicing voo-doo magic on my children so they support every decision I make 100%.                 Oh, swaddling your child until they’re one is a thing? Cool!                 Putting your newborn son in smocked, monogrammed clothes is in? Sounds good.                 It’s normal for them to take off their diapers and pee in the crib? Whatever you say…                 Breastfeeding is a gift from…

Realistic Postpartum Body Expectations

Postpartum Expectations

When I got pregnant the first time I immediately took to the internet to learn all about what the next 9 months had in store for me. I learned about breastfeeding and bottle feeding, sleep training and co-sleeping. I even learned that I needed to make these really neat (and totally life-saving) post-partum pads. What I didn’t learn was that my entire body would be COMPLETELY different after having babies. I knew the normal stuff- that I would probably get stretch marks and gain some weight- but what actually happened after pushing out these two beautiful terrorists still has me a bit confused. I feel the need to state here that I don’t, in fact, hate my body. I’m totally aware of how beautiful and powerful childbirth is and I’m also in no way body shaming myself, or others. I’m simply talking about all the changes to my physical body that no one- including my ever trusted Pinterest bloggers- bothered mentioning. I also feel the need to tell you that if you are someone who went home from the hospital in her pre-pregnancy jeans and have never experienced any of the things I’m about to talk about, I’m going to need you to exit this post without leaving a comment and go eat a pizza alone and in silence. I don’t want to know that unicorns like you exist. My belly button will literally never- without surgical intervention- be the same. I used to have the CUTEST belly button. It…