Should Your Husband Help With Your Kids/Chores?


Obviously, every family is different. I’m certain that each family divides the workload of raising children, running a household, and earning a living differently than their neighbors. I know SO many families who do this effortlessly and without even thinking about it. For example, my parents never even have a conversation about who will do the dishes or water the plants. They both know that my dad has NO intention of washing clothes in the near future and that my mom has NO intention of cleaning the cat’s litter box. They have had approximately zero arguments about this division of duty and will therefore have no use for this handy diagram.

This diagram is for those of you who, like me, are surprised that in 2015, after decades of fighting for equal rights, breaking through those glass ceilings, and becoming more educated than our male counterparts, women are still tethered to most of the household and child rearing responsibilities in their family. Something about our genetic makeup tells us that we shouldn’t expect our husbands (primary breadwinners or not) to cook a meal or rock our babies to sleep. The insanity has got to end! Ladies, ask your man to rise to the occasion and you might be surprised at how willingly he will.

**for those of you moms who LOVE doing all the domestic tasks without your husband’s help, GREAT! This is not for you. This is for the ladies who blowup my newsfeed with “if I didn’t clean this place no one would” and “when I go on a girl’s trip next weekend my kids might starve”.

Should my husband help with my kids/chores
Should my husband help with my kids/chores



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