Fall 2015 Trends and Misses


I don’t know about you guys, but I am SO ready for fall- or, as my kindred spirits refer to this time of year, Pumpkin Spice Season. We moved back to South Texas in May of this year and, man, it has been HOT HOT HOT for months. Not that we will get much relief from that in the coming months, but the next few weeks will at least bring the average temperatures into the eighties instead of the nineties. With that temperature change, we will be able to dawn our Winter Wardrobe. Though a South Texan’s Winter Wardrobe doesn’t require nearly the amount of layering that you Northerners get to dress for, we do try to stay on point with the trends and modify them for the warmer climate we are baking living in.

Here are some of the fall trends and colors I can’t wait to wear:


Olive is in again this fall and I am SO PLEASED. I think this color looks good on every skin tone and hair combination and it happens to make me look more tan than I am. Like Momma always said, “even fat looks good tan”. 😉 Two of my favorite Olive pieces right now are also from my boutique Buttoned Up. This poncho is really swing-y and puts an extra bounce in my step just by throwing it on. Right now I’m wearing it with cutoffs and Converse but it will seamlessly pair with skinnies and booties when the temperatures cool off. My other current fave is this green sleeveless dress with my go-to Tory Burch flats! It’s loose enough to pair with leggings and riding boots in a few months, too.


I have to admit, it took me a while to buy into the tassels and fringe craze that started earlier this year. I don’t like to invest in “fads” of things items that won’t be able to carry me through multiple seasons and years. A pair of BaubleBar earrings were my first toe in the tassel pool. Since then, I’ve purchased this GREAT Fringe Bag (though I can’t remember where- agh) and the above poncho! I’m looking forward to a few more fringe purchases like some I’ve linked below this season.

Winter White

Thank you, fashion trendsetters! I’m so happy that the whole No White After Labor Day rule might forever be gone. I LOVE head to toe white looks in any season but especially in the winter months with a big, chunky white sweater…mmm…nothing better!

Romantic colors and cuts

I am loving that the feminine and romantic colors like blush and cream paired with chiffon and silk and making such a splash this year. There’s nothing to makes a girl feel prettier than something frilly and pink.

And a few trends I’m ready to retire for now (and one for good):


This was one I haven’t been able to get on board with. I’m ready for neon to go because I find the colors so distracting that I can’t concentrate on the person wearing them. They are also reminiscent of a 1990’s aerobics video that plays in my nightmares…Does anyone else have this problem?

Kitten heels

Apparently these came back while I was living under a rock. I’m not sure what it is that disturbs me so terribly about kitten heels. Maybe it’s the lack of commitment. If you want flat shoes, wear flat shoes. If you want heels, wear heels. Kitten heels are the shoe trend for commitmentphobes and no one can trust those people.

The whole ironic gray hair thing

WHY IS THIS A THING? I will never understand. As someone who is dealing with the fact that I am prematurely graying (seriously. Thanks, Mom) I cannot begin to imagine why any 19 year old with completely gorgeous, healthy hair would dye said hair ash gray.

Chevron- all of it

I know that everyone has loved chevron for so long that I risk being burnt at the stake for even mentioning this but please, enough is enough. Everyone – boy, girl, man, woman- has been subjected to this pattern for so long that no one even bats an eyelash when a grown man shows up to work wearing a blood orange chevron button down. Everything is chevron. Chevron housewares. Chevron towels. Chevron dishware. Chevron doll clothes. Chevron dresses. Chevron socks. Chevron bags. The insanity has to end. I’m enforcing a strict “no chevron pattern” zone in our new house.

So there you have it. My hits and misses for Fall 2015. What are you looking forward to this fall and what are you hoping to leave behind with the summer?




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