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Christmas Menu 2015


If you’ve been visiting my site long then you know that I’m a sucker for a good menu plan. With Christmas now just 9 days away, I’m putting together our Christmas Menu 2015 in great haste. I feel like this has creeped up on me somehow so I’m trying to play catch up! I’m linking to some of my favorite Christmas Recipes for your enjoyment!

Before the real meal: I need to start out by telling you that we eat basically all day on Christmas so we just kind of graze our way from one meal to the next. I make sausage balls for breakfast and as soon as we are done opening presents I get out the cheese board and cranberry dip. We eat on that while the rest of the meal prep takes place.

Christmas Morning Sausage Balls– I’m all about a quick Christmas breakfast that we can eat while the kids are opening presents so I typically roll up the sausage balls the night before so they can just get thrown in the oven first thing. Or, if you’re up for it, you can cook the sausage balls the night before and just reheat them Christmas morning. 

Christmas Morning Sausage Balls
          Christmas Morning Sausage Balls

Cheese Plate- Our house loves a good cheese plate. I typically throw these together first thing in the morning so we can snack on it all day. My favorite cheeses for a cheese plate are a mix of hard, soft, strong, and pungent: Sliced Cheddar, Gruyere, Brie, and Parmesan. Next, sweets: jams, grapes, dried cranberries, honey- anything that could compliment the cheese. and the last element, crunch: I like to add pretzels, pita chips, water crackers, etc. Things with a nice crunch that you can layer the cheese and sweetness with. For Christmas, since lunchtime is a LONG way away, I will add some sliced up salami and prosciutto also.

The Perfect Cheese Plate
                    The Perfect Cheese Plate

Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin– the main event! This beef tenderloin is so juicy and flavorful, everyone in your family will absolutely love it. Make sure you get a tenderloin big enough for everyone to have seconds!

Honey Baked Ham- the ultimate lazy mom’s Christmas Menu MUST include a Honey Baked Ham. I will pick our ham up on Monday this year and just take it out on Christmas Morning so that it gets up to room temperature in time for lunch

Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms– These mushrooms are the perfect accompaniment to the tenderloin. Spoon the mushrooms and sauce over the sliced tenderloin. The sauce adds a great depth to the tenderloin. Combine the sauce, mushrooms, and beef for the PERFECT bite. You will not regret making these.

Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms
            Decadent Balsamic Glazed Mushrooms

Cream Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes– This mashed potato recipe is so perfect, I do NOTHING to change it. I love that I can make these mashed potatoes days in advance and just pop them in the oven to reheat on Christmas Day. Our family enjoys  our mashed potatoes loaded, if yours doesn’t, just don’t add the cheese or bacon on top and replace with some chopped parsley

Creamy Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes
Creamy Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes- the Taste of Home

Make Ahead Green Bean Casserole– This is another recipe that I do not mess with. I made this for Thanksgiving and have been looking forward to making it for Christmas ever since. This homemade green bean casserole is SO MUCH better than using Cream of Mushroom and it really does not take much more time or energy to do. 

Make Ahead Green Bean Casserole
Make Ahead Green Bean Casserole

We normally throw together some sort of salad with Spinach, apples, and other winter vegetables but those are so haphazard and sporadic there’s not much more to say than that! Plus, who wants to think about salads when we can think about Christmas Dessert?

Yummy Oreo Truffles– These things are my most favorite dessert! They’re super easy and we make these a few days before Christmas too! You can make them more festive with some white chocolate and red/green sprinkles if you want. We do a mix of white chocolate and milk chocolate covered truffles…yum!

Yummy Oreo Truffles
Yummy Oreo Truffles

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark– Another make ahead dessert, salted caramel pretzel bark. My kids CANNOT sit still for more than one long meal. Once we are finished with lunch, no matter how big the sweet tooth, they will want to grab their new toys and make a break for it. I go ahead and break up the bark into pieces so they can take a few for the road! 

Key Lime Pie– Look, we live in South Texas so there’s nothing more appropriate than some key lime pie on Christmas. This is my husband’s only request every year so it’s a must. Along with most of the rest of this menu, I whip it up on Christmas Eve!

Key Lime Pie
Delicious Key Lime Pie


I hope you all have a blessed Christmas and Safe New Year! Let me know what you are planning on cooking for your family! 


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