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Whole30 Memorial Day Recipe Roundup

Whole30 The Aftermath - Copy

You guys, can you even believe that we are already creeping upon Memorial Day weekend? We are so happy to finally be able to get outside, get some sun, and begin the summer right with a great Memorial Day get together. We’ve been pretty strictly eating Paleo since January and are starting a new Whole30 round on June 1! Since our Memorial Day party won’t have the usual bread, cheese, and sugar loaded dishes, I have started compiling my favorite crowd pleasing recipes that can carry us through the summer.  I also want to take the time to thank all of our active duty military, veterans, and those who have lost their lives defending our freedoms. Memorial Day is about so much more than grilling out- remember their sacrifice! Whole30 South Texas Turkey Burgers Whole30 Oven Roasted Potato Wedges– What’s a Memorial Day without crisp and salty potato wedges? These are SUPER flavorful…beware, there won’t be leftovers. Whole30 Cashew Cheese Stuffed Bacon Wrapped Dates– These might be considered a SWYPO for some, but not for our family. It’s a good “treat” for other Non-Wholers at your party also! Whole30 Berry Salad w/ Blueberry Vinaigrette– Sometimes you just need a salad! This berry filled salad will cool you down on the hottest of Memorial Days. Garlic Broccoli and Potatoes – omit Parmesan in recipe for a totally compliant and super flavorful side dish Paleo Avocado and BACON Sliders– These Sliders from are EVERYTHING! The sweet potato bun gets me every time.…

Paleo Kitchen Tools You Need Today!

Paleo Kitchen Gadgets

When we moved from Knoxville to South Texas last year I did MAJOR purges of everything that we owned. No item was too small for its usefulness to be dissected and evaluated. I did this because I absolutely refused to move across the country with a U-Haul full of crap that I would never use again. Needless to say, I donated and threw away the majority of our belongings!  Now, almost one year later, our house is *this close* to being finished and we are finally going to be moving out of my parent’s guest house! With this fresh beginning comes a need to stock up my kitchen once again. I’ve recently begun stockpiling my favorite kitchen gadgets and thought I would share with you which tools every paleo kitchen needs:  7-in-1 Instant Pot: Over my Whole30 Journey and continued Paleo lifestyle, this pressure cooker has become my best friend. We make everything from Nom Nom Paleo’s Mexican Beef, to Crispy Potatoes, to Beef Stew. Your cooking time is cut by at least 50% when using a pressure cooker and the meats are unbelievably TENDER! 2. A food processor- these will save you a ton of time chopping veggies or making salsas. I also use mine to get cooked bacon really fine when I’m incorporating it into meatballs or burgers.                   3.  A really great meat thermometer. You cannot make the perfect steak without a reliable meat thermometer. I’ve linked to my favorite…

Paleo Sweet Potato Recipe Roundup

  If you’ve been contemplating going Paleo or trying a round of Whole30® ,  you’ve probably come to realize how integral sweet potatoes are in clean eating. I will admit that I have gotten bored with my usual sweet potato recipes a time or two but I’m not going to let that happen again! I’ve rounded up my 12 favorite sweet potato recipes featured them below. Each of these are Paleo compliant but a few are not Whole30® approved so make sure that you are following all those Rules and Recommendations before recreating any of these recipes. I love each of these recipes for different reasons but I mostly love how versatile our main ingredient is. Sweet potatoes can be sweet, savory, Asian inspired, crunchy, melty, and always downright delicious. Sweet potatoes boast a variety of health benefits for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, being helpful in regulating blood sugar, and containing impressive amounts of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B6, Biotin, and fiber….so make these recipes and thank yourself for such a smart decision later!   Paleo Sweet Potato Fries– I love these easy and crispy sweet potato fries. We eat them with this delicious-on-everything Bearnaise Sauce Paleo Sweet Potato Chips– I use this recipe for Sweet Potato Nachos to make the chips! We eat them as snacks, as nachos, with chili, really anytime you are missing the extra “crunch”! Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes– These sweet potatoes taste like the holidays year round. I love the addition of cranberries and cinnamon…

The Whole30 Aftermath: What Now?

Whole30 The Aftermath

Congratulations: You’ve completed your first Whole30®! I hope that during your journey you learned as much about yourself and your relationship with food as we did. One of the first things most of us asked ourselves on Day 1 was “What are we going to eat as soon as we finish”? My family’s answers ranged anywhere pizza to wine and cheese to Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints, please!). As we marked off each Compliant Day, we became less and less fixated on what we would indulge in once our 30 days up and more worried about undoing all the progress we made for one silly meal on Day 31. However, we know that this isn’t meant to be a long-term plan and that we would eventually (intentionally or not) end up eating something that is off-limits. We referred back to Chapter 20 of It Starts With Food to see exactly what is recommended to do on Day 31. The book suggests a slow approach to reintroduction that will help identify food intolerance once and for all. The thing is: some of us don’t have food intolerance. We simply have food addictions (I’m looking at you, pasta) so reintroduction might not physically punish us but might start us on a slippery slope of bad decisions.  Another recommended way to approach life after Whole30® is to adopt a 80/20 or 90/10 lifestyle- 80% (or 90%) of your meals and drinks are compliant while 20% (or 10%) are not. Some people might find…

Paleo/ Whole30 South Texas Turkey Burgers

Paleo Turkey Burger

You know the saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas”? There is also a saying “everything’s tastier in Texas”! Even after all the amazing places we have traveled to for work and for pleasure, the best meals I’ve ever had are here in Texas. Whether that be legendary Texas BBQ, Authentic Mexican Food (home of the breakfast taco!), or fresh caught seafood, you can easily find a delightful meal anywhere you happen to be in Texas.  When I think of Texas food, I think of two things: Flavor and Heat. Most recipes originating down here have a lot of both and this recipe is no different: we combine Texas Hot Sauce, Jalapenos, and Crispy Bacon into our turkey burgers for the ultimate beef-free burger experience.  The great thing about these burgers is they can be done on the stove OR on the grill…because sometimes these Texas-Sized mosquitoes just won’t quit.  I serve our Burgers on lettuce buns and piled high with veggies and a side of Oven Roasted and Toasted Potato Wedges!  Check out our Paleo Roundup for a month’s worth of Paleo Meals here: Paleo Recipe Roundup *When we aren’t on the Whole30 bandwagon, we add cubed cheese and breadcrumbs to our patties!* My favorite Almond Meal: Bob’s Red Mill Almond Meal Flour The only mixing bowls you will ever need:Pyrex Smart Essentials 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set If you liked this post, you should check out my Facebook Page The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @the_hungry_mommy, and Pinterest Page The Hungry Mommy. This post contains affiliate…

Paleo / Whole30 Egg Roll In A Bowl

Paleo Egg Roll in a bowl

I love Asian food- Pho, Fried Rice, anything wrapped in a wonton- basically anything that can be paired with Soy Sauce or Wasabi is my friend. However, after adopting a mostly clean and Paleo lifestyle, and especially during a Whole30 cycle, wontons, rice, and soy are a no-go.  I’ve been working on this recipe for a while and have finally perfected it! Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl is the best part of the egg roll, anway- all the flavorful filling! The secret to this recipe is the Fish Sauce! Fish sauce adds a little saltiness and a whole lot of flavor to any dish, just be careful to not add to much! I like to fry my cabbage a little longer than others, the coconut aminos will create a nice char on the outer crust of the leaves if you let them sit undisturbed for about 2 minutes at the end of cooking.   If you’re interested in checking out the rest of the meals we’ve eaten during our Whole30 Journey, check out my Whole30 Recipe Roundup!   Products used in this recipe: Red Boat Premium Fish Sauce Coconut Secret Organic Raw Aminos /a> Kadoya Brand Sesame Oil Joyce Chen 21-9972, Classic Series 4-Piece Carbon-Steel Wok Set If you liked this post, you should check out my Facebook Page The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @the_hungry_mommy, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link…

Whole30/ Paleo Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Whole30 Valentine's Dinner

Oh Valentine’s Day, thanks to genius advertisers and great marketing campaigns, don’t we all equate this holiday to chocolate and teddy bears? This year, Valentine’s Day is falling smack dab in the middle of our second round of Whole30 so, needless to say, we will not be partaking in the chocolate indulgence.  Even though we won’t be partaking in any chocolatey goodness or eating out at some fancy restaurant, I still want our Valentine’s Dinner to be special…so I’m breaking out the big guns and cooking my Perfect Tenderloin *substitute butter with ghee for Whole30* paired with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and topped with my new favorite: Bearnaise Sauce! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Whole30 and Paleo options for a perfect and romantic Valentine’s Dinner. Be careful, some of these need slight adjustments to be made compliant!                        Some other great options: One Dish Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin Pesto Mashed Potatoes Tomato Soup Lobster Tails– *replace butter with ghee*   Do you all have any special plans for Valentine’s Day? What’s on your menu?    If you liked this post you should check out  my Facebook The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @the_hungry_mommy, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy! See you there!

Paleo / Whole30 Sauce – Bearnaise Sauce

I’ve been looking for a great complementary sauce to some of our dishes since we’ve started out on our Paleo Journey. The first few sauces I tried were more vinegar-based and, while they were pretty good, weren’t exactly what I was looking for. Then, I found the answer to my sauce dilemma: ghee. This Bearnaise Sauce is a close cousin to Hollandaise and can be used on literally EVERYTHING. My favorites so far are on vegetables and meats but I’ve also added it to my morning fritattas and Shepherd’s Pie. I’m looking forward to making this  this weekend for our Valentine’s Dinner to top our asparagus and tenderloin!  First, melt the ghee on the stovetop over low heat.  While the ghee is melting, chop up the shallot and add it along with the white wine vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and 1/2 tbls of Tarragon to a food processor. *Let this mixture marinade for at least 15 minutes before continuing* Add egg yolks to mixture and pulse to combine.  SLOWWWWLLYYY drizzle in melted ghee while continuing to pulse and combine mixture. Once all the ghee is incorporated, add final 1/2 tbls Tarragon and pulse. Let sauce set in refrigerator for at least 1 hour. Pair with my Perfect Tenderloin and Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus ! If you liked this, find me on Facebook at The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @the_hungry_mommy, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy for more!

Whole30 Meal Template- Exactly What to Eat on Whole30

whole30 meal template

When talking to others on the Whole30 Journey, I hear the advice all the time that if we just eat compliant items, we will be fine. While only eating foods that are compliant is DEFINITELY a start, it’s not the point of the Whole30. The idea is to totally nourish your body through the food you put in it; and to do that, we have to be feeding it full of nutrients and vitamins at every meal. Simply eating a steak and potatoes 3 meals a day for 30 days, while technically compliant food choices, will not cure any physical ailments you have and certainly won’t deliver you the Tiger Blood we are all craving.  The Meal Template- a perfectly balanced Whole30 meal combines these components:  Protein: You should have 1-2 palm size servings of protein at each meal to take up abotu 1/33 of your plate.   Veggies: The rest of your plate- 2/3s- should be veggies. Veggies can be sauteed, roasted, baked, dried, raw- basically anyway you can make them, you can eat them   Fat: A small amount of Whole30 approved fat should be added to each meal to keep you fueled and satisfied. Remember, eating good fats DOES NOT make you fat. Adding fats to each meal is easy- you can cook your meat of veggies in ghee or olive oil, throw olives onto your salad, or add coconut milk to your eggs. A little goes a long way so make sure you refer to the…

30 Thoughts While on Whole30

30 thoughts while on whole30

WOOHOO!! Our family just completed our first Whole30 and I cannot be more excited for the progress we have made. Besides some great weight loss, we have had less digestive issues, better sleep, lower anxiety, better skin, the list goes on! I cannot recommend Whole30 enough for jump starting a healthier way of life or trying to identify any food intolerance you might have. If you’re thinking about doing Whole30, join my Facebook Accountability Group! I will be posting meals and recipes, encouragement, and humor along the way! I thought it would be fun to put together a list of thoughts and events that I experienced during my first 30 days! This has been a really fun experience and being completely intentional with food choices for 30 days was a great    30 Thoughts While on Whole30 1.Wait- I can’t have wine? I don’t remember that part from the book…*references book*… Hmph. No wine it is. 2.What do you mean Fat Free doesn’t equal healthy? 3.I’m just going to watch FED UP on loop until everyone I know agrees to do Whole30 with me. 4.Seriously, this will not be that hard. I can literally do anything for 30 days. 5.FOOD PREP IS THE MOST AMAZING THING ON THE PLANET 6.SO.Many.Eggs. 7.Oatmeal isn’t good for me? Olives are considered a fat? I officially know nothing. 8.Head hurts. My head hurts. WILL IT EVER END? 9.I legitimately cannot live without bacon for 30 days. 10.Thank you, God, for Pederson’s Sugar Free Bacon.…