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Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 3

Whole30 Meal Plan Week 3

Can you guys even believe that we are already starting Week 3 of this Whole30 round? This round seems to be going by much more quickly than rounds in the past. Our family has been sick off and on for weeks so my meal plan isn’t exactly inspired this week. We’re using a lot of oldies but goodies to get us through while our health is on the mend. If you’re looking for more Whole30 meal plan inspo, Don’t forget to check out Week 1 and Week 2 plans!   All of the recipes we are using this week are listed below! I hope you enjoy these as much as our family does! For breakfast this week, I’m going to keep it simple with our Pederson’s Farms breakfast meats and/or homemade breakfast sausage and eggs. I have gotten used to limited breakfast options, but if you’re wanting more variety, check out my Whole30 Breakfast Rondup!   Chocolate Chili Chicken Kabobs – omit brown sugar, replace soy sauce with coconut aminos Crispy Green Beans Big O Bacon Burgers Roasted Potato Wedges Slow Cooker Beef Perfect Tenderloin Twice Baked Potatoes Zuppa Toscana South Texas Turkey Burgers Whole30 Breakfast Roundup   So that’s it! Because we’re keeping it pretty simple this week, our Meal Prepping will be rather limited. This Meal Prep Hacks guide will let you in on all my prepping secrets and keys to success!    And that’s it for us this week! What’s on the menu at your house? I’d love to hear about…

Whole30 Meals On The Go

Whole30 Meals on the go

One of the roadblocks I get the most regarding Whole30 goes something like this, ” I think this is a great idea, and I’d like to try it, but there’s just no way. I travel too much”. Look, I get that traveling while dieting is super inconvenient. But let’s be honest, will there ever be 30 days of our lives when we won’t be traveling, have after work commitments, have a sick child, have a spouse who’s traveling for work and unable to help prep, etc. There will ALWAYS be reasons to postpone your health and self-care.  The good news is, we don’t have to let these piddly excuses get in the way of progress for ourselves. The blogosphere is full of helpful Whole30s who have come before us to help prepare us for when situations are less than ideal regarding our Whole30 experience. Let’s take our journey out of the kitchen and talk about how to have satisfying and compliant whole30 meals on the go!    No Refrigerating, No Heat Meal Components     Remember to follow the Whole30 meal template: a meal should contain protein, veggies, and a plated fat. A Mini Meal should contain at least 2 of these components. If you don’t have items             handy or weren’t able to plan from home, don’t fear, a lot of these items can be found at gas stations or by popping in to a small grocery store that’s already on your path! Chomps Sticks – natural, sugar free,…

Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 2 – January 2018

Hi Everyone! I hope that your first week of Whole30 flew by as quickly as mine did. I’ve been creating Whole30 meal plan each week and I have learned so much since I started. Namely, that spending a few minutes each week looking at the week ahead, assessing which days I will have time to prepare lunch at home, which days I will need to throw a meal in the crock pot before heading out the door, and which days we will utilize a freezer meal, sets our family up for success.  Tonight, when I sat down to create next week’s plan, I realized that I had 2 commitments during lunch hours next weeks and 2 commitments during dinner hours. My plan is to prep those meals ahead of time, bring them to work, and eat ahead of the commitments. I really don’t like to eat out while on a Whole30 round, and since I’m planning ahead, I can go ahead and prep the needed meals ahead of time. Needless to say, this Sunday will require a bit more prepping than some others. I plan to make Chocolate chili, Asian Zoodle Soup, Wonton Meatballs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Baked Potatoes, and prep the veggies during my prep. You can see more info. about my meal prep process in this 5 Ways to Rock Whole30 article. aAll recipes that I will use this week are linked below! Enjoy! Asian Zoodle Soup Like Chick-Fil-A Chicken Nuggets Roasted and Toasted Potato Wedges Crispy Brussel Sprouts Chocolate…

Instant Pot Chicken Salsa Soup – Whole30

Yummy Instant Pot Chicken Salsa Soup

It seems like every year, in the first week of January, our family comes down with a head cold. We were all feeling great last week and I was really believing that this year we would break the habit and actually be healthy ringing in the New Year….not the case. We all woke up congested and coughing on December 30th and have been on the mend ever since. Needless to say, we have become quite good at adapting our favorite comfort food recipes to be Whole30 compliant. Aside from lots of cuddle and movie time, this Instant Pot Chicken Salsa Soup is one of the best things to have come from these dang colds. If you’re not in to Chicken Soup (first of all, why not!?) check out the rest of my favorite soup and stew recipes! I love a good one pot meal – especially when we’re sick – because the cleanup is minimal! This recipe is heavy on veggies and chicken broth, a comfort food favorite, and incredibly flavorful. Being from South Texas, any meal with spice is sure to be a favorite in our house. This soup is basically a dump it and forget it recipe which is great when you’re not feeling 100%. Simply chop the veggies, add the chicken, pour the liquid, and forget it!  Let’s talk tools. These are the kitchen tools you will need for this recipe Instant Pot- this is the model I currently use, but any pressure cooker will work  That’s…

Whole30 Prep Hacks – 5 Ways to Rock Whole30

5 Ways to Rock Whole30

the idea of Whole30 prep has a way of overwhelming us. Maybe it’s fear of the unknown: What exactly can I eat on this plan? How many eggs are too many? Will I do anything other than cook and clean my kitchen for a month? Maybe it’s a belief that we simply cannot live without our nightly dessert or glass(es) of wine. Maybe it’s because we know we need to change our relationship with food, but we really don’t if Whole30 will work out for our particular situation. Whatever the root cause may be, I believe that in order to complete a successful Whole30, you really do need to be bought in to the validity and substance of the program, which brings me to the Number 1 key to a successful Whole30.. here are my 5 ways to Rock Whole30   1 – Educate yourself  To complete a successful Whole30, you must educate yourself on the in’s and out’s of the program. Make it your mission to become a subject matter expert in the field of Whole30. The reasons for this are twofold: 1. You will be better able to create satisfying meals for yourself and 2. you will be able to recall the reason behind all of the restrictions the program has. If you can articulate to yourself – and nosey coworkers of family members – exactly why you believe cutting grains is a good health choice for you, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in the program. For…

Whole30 Meal Plan – Week 1 – January 2018

Whole30 Meal Plan

Hello my internet loves! I hope this post finds you well and excited for your first round of Whole30! I’m sharing my Whole30 Meal Plan with you week by week in the hopes that this will help get your creative juices flowing and keep you motivated on the round. Some of these recipes are mine but most of them are from other Paleo and Whole30 food bloggers and I  am linking to their sites throughout the post.        Whole30 Week One Recipes Used: Chocolate Chili from Well Fed   Southwest Turkey Burgers Oven Roasted Potatoes Pancetta Egg Cups Spinach Salad Brussel Sprouts White Chicken Chili Big O Bacon Burgers Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup Sweet and Spicy Chicken — NOTE: Instead of Honey, substitute 1/3 c date paste Salsa Chicken — NOTE: Just the chicken, not the tacos Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs Try to be mindful of the Whole30 Meal Template when planning meals. It’s important to have the appropriate of protein, vegetables, and plated fats for each meal. You can also check this article with Whole30 Sides and Snack inspiration! If you liked this post you should check out  my Facebook The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @that_paleo_mom, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy! I’ve also started a Facebook Accountability group for anyone on a round called Whole30 Journey Guidance and Support See you there!    

Whole30 Soup and Stew Recipe Roundup

whole30 soup and stew recipes

One of my favorite things about the winter is cozying up under warm throw blankets and sipping on hot soup. Growing up in the South, most of the favorite soups were naturally cream-based. During my first whole30 a few years ago, I gained an entirely new appreciation for broth based soups and stews! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Whole30 soup and stew recipes! Instant Pot Chicken Salsa Soup – my favorite part of this soup is that it can all be done in less than one hour in ONE POT. Put this on your meal plan for next week! Slow Cooker Hamburger Soup – Everyone loves a great slow cooker recipe, especially during Whole30. This is a classic, hearty soup that the whole family is sure to love!  Roasted Red Pepper Soup – I love pairing this red pepper soup with a crisp salad and lime infused dressing. This is also a great option to make now and freeze for later! Roasted Poblano Beef Stew – Do not skip Roasting the poblanos on a gas grill or broiling them in the oven. The smokiness these peppers add is the difference between good beef stew and GREAT beef stew. Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili – The spices in this soup are incredibly satisfying and take me away to a fiesta by the sea. Make sure to use the full fat coconut milk for the extra creaminess!  Whole30 Zuppa Toscana Soup – This soup has been a game-changer for us. One of my girlfriends…

Whole30 Recipes – 10 Lunch and Dinner options!

10+ whole30 lunch and dinner ideas

10 Whole30 lunch and dinner options! One of my favorite things about Whole30 is resetting my own expectations around food. These 30 days are a good way to remind ourselves that food is really to be enjoyed and savored, but not obsessed over and turned into an idol. It’s a fine line to walk and a particularly difficult one for me because of the enjoyment I get from creating beautiful meals for loved ones. Because my energy levels typically decline during the first week on a round, I like to keep meals simple. I have also found that re-using dinner as the next’s days lunch is super easy and keeps some of the overwhelmed feelings at bay.  Below, I’m linking to my favorite whole30 lunch and dinner options! I’ve tested all of these and they are truly delicious and worth making again..and again!    The Perfect Beef Tenderloin – My favorite thing about this recipe is the ease at which it is to create. You don’t have to do much to give yourself a serious treat – I always make an extra tenderloin that we can use in egg scrambles throughout the week. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!   South Texas Turkey Burgers – The hot sauce and jalapenos give these turkey burgers the extra kick I often find is missing from a good turkey burger. Make sure to add the almond meal so that they don’t fall apart on you! Big O Bacon Burgers – Nom Nom…

Whole30 New Year’s Celebration Dinner!

Whole30 New Year's Dinner

Oh New Year’s Eve, thanks to genius advertisers and great marketing campaigns, don’t we all equate this holiday to Black Eyed Peas and booze? This year, we decided that New Year’s Eve would be the perfect day to glide back into a Whole30 round. Being on a round during the holiday doesn’t mean that we won’t have a fantastically delicious celebration, though!  Even though we won’t be partaking in some of the other indulgences of the holidayt, I still want our New Year’s Eve dinner to be special…so I’m breaking out the big guns and cooking my Perfect Tenderloin *substitute butter with ghee for Whole30* paired with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus and topped with my new favorite: Bearnaise Sauce! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Whole30 and Paleo options for a perfect and romantic Valentine’s Dinner. Be careful, some of these need slight adjustments to be made compliant!                            Some other great options: One Dish Garlic and Herb Pork Tenderloin Pesto Mashed Potatoes Tomato Soup Lobster Tails– *replace butter with ghee*   Do you all have any special plans for New Year’s Day?? What’s on your menu?    If you liked this post you should check out  my Facebook The Hungry Mommy, Instagram @that_paleo_mom, and Pinterest The Hungry Mommy! I’ve also started a Facebook Accountability group for anyone on a round called Whole30 Journey Guidance and Support See you there!

Last Minute Whole30 Prep

Last Minute Whole30 Prep

Hi Guys!  I’m feverishly working to get the rest of our meal plan and grocery lists together this morning! I’m also placing a quick Amazon order of some things that we will all need to get through the program. If you head over to Amazon, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime and get free 2 day shipping to get all your goods to you in time to start next week!  Lara Bars– about half of all Lara Bars are Whole30 compliant and my favorite of those are Apple Pie, Pecan Pie, and Lemon Bar     Extra Tupperware– I HATE mismatched Tupperware so about once every couple years I throw everything out and re order these Rubbermaid sets. They all stack easily, are dishwasher safe, and don’t stain. Rubbermaid 42 piece set   Ghee– Ghee (aka clarified butter) is a big staple for us during the program. I always end up needing more than I planned on so I’m order some more today. This is my favorite but any brand will work!     Coconut Oil– Again, I always use more coconut oil than I think I will. Ordering more just to be safe Hard Boiled Egg Cooker – Trust this. You will eat so, so many eggs while on the Whole30. This super convenient egg cooker will hard boil 7 eggs in 9 minutes! The best part, is they then peel PERFECTLY without a ton of hassle.    Chomps Bars– these are great…