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Whole30 Prep- How to Make Your Meals Taste Ridiculously Good

Whole30 Prep

One of the biggest concerns I’ve heard when someone is considering a Whole30 circuit is “how on earth will my food taste without using dairy/soy/butter?” and “but will I starve?” The truth is our food will taste  AWESOME and we absolutely will not starve. Though taking away typical seasonings and additions to food we add on a daily basis might seem intimidating, I’m here to tell you that we have A WHOLE LOTTA options to add to our food arsenal to ensure that each meal is a total delight. I’ll be posting our meal plans with complete details of what exactly we will be eating next month, but for now I wanted to give you an idea of all the delicious flavor additions we will be able to have to make each meal something to look forward to. If you know me, you know that I take food entirely too seriously to spend an entire 30 days hungry and/or unsatisfied. These are some of my favorite, Whole30 compliant, spices and sauces to use while on circuit: Oils: Healthy, non-greasy fat to add to dishes Some of the best, most versatile oils to use on Whole30 are Coconut oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ve found them to be fairly interchangable but tend to use EVOO with meats and Coconut with veggies. Coconut everything Coconuts are SO versatile for our Whole30 needs. In addition to cooking with Coconut Oil, we can use Coconut Milk to replace creams or milk in a lot of dishes.…

Whole30 Prep- What You Need to Know

whole30 prep

Hi Guys, We are starting a Whole30 circuit on January 4th and I’m so excited! For those of you who aren’t sure what Whole30 is, you can refer to the Whole 30 Website to learn the general “rules” of the plan. Basically, it is a completely primal, non-processed diet that you follow in 30 day intervals. We can eat loads of meat, veggies, nuts, and some fruits. Though you can adopt the diet year-round, it’s pretty difficult to stick to this all day, everyday- especially if you travel or eat out to any extent.  This might sound intimidating or depriving, but if you really get into the thought process- that our bodies don’t physically need grains, dairy, alcohol, etc.- you will be surprised at how much food you REALLY CAN eat. I’m going to do the hard part; create the meal plans, grocery lists, and weekly prepping instructions! I will provide Week 1 on January 1 and our first weekly meal prep will be on January 3.  Before that, we need to make sure that your kitchen is stocked with some tools and ingredients you *might* not already have and *might* not be able to get at a grocery store. Don’t worry; it’s a short list: Zoodler- since noodles are not Whole30 compliant, we will be making our own noodles our of zucchini and squash from time to time. I have this   Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Makes Veggie Pasta. It’s definitely not the most glamorous one you can find, but it…

Elf on the Shelf Planning Calendar: Lazy Mom Edition

elf on the shelf planning calendar

I’ve got another confession to make: I’m a lazy mom. Ok, maybe lazy isn’t the correct word…uninspired, non-creative, Left Brained….whatever it is, I’m TERRIBLE at Elf on the Shelf. I’m not the mom who spends all day coming up with delightfully creative schemes for the family elves to perform at night; I’m the mom who sets an alarm so she doesn’t forget to move the dang thing at all. To help myself, and others like me, I created an Elf on the Shelf Planning Calendar: Lazy Mom Edition. The elf shenanigans require less than 5 minutes of staging on the part of the parents but are still cute and entertaining for the littles: winning!  Feel free to take this and make it your own for the needs of your family. I hope that this helps take some of the stress out of this little tradition so many of us take part in. I’d love to hear or see what your elves have been up to! Share with me on Facebook The Stylish Mommy or Instagram @the_stylish_mommy ! Merry Christmas, y’all!  Don’t have an Elf yet? You can get one for CHEAP on Amazon here: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link which means you won’t pay any more for the (awesome) product and I receive a little dollars to help keep the lights on 😉

Why Old Friends are the Best Friends

old friend

They say that if you keep a friend for 7 years, you have a friend for life. In that case, I’m lucky enough to have a handful of lifelong friends. I just got back from the most revitalizing girl’s weekend with one of my oldest friends. We were in Charleston and got to see a lot of great sites and eat a lot of great food but the best part of the whole weekend was just spending good, quality time with her. We always pick up where we left off but this trip was different: it was the first time since becoming adults we’ve been alone without other friends, our husbands, or kids and it was just what this mommy’s soul needed. I have some newer friends that I adore, but old friends are just so special. First, a little blast from the past: Below are my top 11 reasons why old friends are the best friends: They know what you’re thinking by the look on your face                 You can tell what is going through their heads without one word; their facial expressions say it all. This becomes especially handy in public spaces where saying what’s actually running through your heads wouldn’t be socially acceptable. They know the history                 There’s no wasted time explaining the backstory or history of a situation you’re discussing. If you tell them your cousin’s best friend’s sister is buying a home they know exactly who you’re talking about and which neighborhood she’s probably…

A Letter to My Pre-Parent Self

a letter

Hi perfectly-manicured-well-rested-and-totally-in-control-self, It’s me, well you, urggh…it’s us. Just a slightly less know-it-all, slightly heavier you. I’m here to fill you with a little humor and a lot of truth as you embark on this parenting journey. But first, let me start by saying what your friends and family are too polite to say, “shut up!” Seriously, just shut up. Shut up with your parenting expectations and declarations of “my baby will never”. Yes, I know that you have read every.single.parenting book that ever existed and that you are a generally intelligent person, but you truly know nothing about what is about to happen to your life. You might know how to swaddle, do some kegals, and decorate a nursery, but you really know nothing about what your life (all of it- mind, body, and soul) will be like when you’re handed this baby you’ve been studying for the last 10 months. Parenthood isn’t just a test, it’s a sprint, a marathon, an interview; a lifelong exercise in enduring watching the best part of you toddle around without your constant supervision and support. Parenting is SO much more than you have ever contemplated and you will never, ever know everything (or anything, really) about what you’re doing. But, just to scratch the surface, I’ll start with your top 6 Pre-Parenting Expectations (PPE). You know, the things you’ve carried about like that baby in your belly, nourishing and coddling them with all your pre-parenting knowledge just waiting for the day that…

Cyber Monday Deals

Buttoned Up Sale

I love Cyber Monday! I’ll be updating the list all day, but these are the deals I’ve run across so far! Happy Shopping! XOXO   Kids and Toys Wayfair Playroom Sale Amazon Toy Sale 50% OFF Everything Old Navy 20% OFF Smocked Auctions Home 30% Off Joss and Main Amazon Home and Kitchen Sale 50% off Christmas Cards Shutterfly 50% Off Tiny Prints Womens 30% OFF Sitewide at Buttoned Up 30% Off Tory Burch 15% off Kendra Scott AND New Sale Styles Added 30% OFF Kate Spade New York  

17 Super Compelling Reasons to NOT Text and Drive

reasons to not text and drive

I would think that by now there would be no controversy over texting and driving but, based on the fact that I have been nearly hit by drivers who are obviously texting while driving on two separate occasions in the past 24 hours, I feel the need to put down in text how absolutely wreck less (or wreck-causing) the practice is…The fact that I’m actually putting time and energy into writing about why one shouldn’t text and drive is in itself supremely annoying. Whatever: here is a definitive, no holds barred, all-encompassing list of reasons to NOT text and drive: You could kill yourself You could kill the people in your vehicle You could kill other innocent people who have the unfortunate fate of being on the road at the same time you are You could misspell something in your text, changing the meaning or context your text and come across as creepy or offensive. Autocorrect isn’t as easy to catch when you’re flying down the interstate at 80MPH In 46 states texting while driving is ILLEGAL You could miss out on the awesome song on the radio You could miss your musical cue, “ohhhh we’re halfway there..” You could run over a dog You could run over a person You could hit a deer You could hit a construction worker You could hit a curb with your brand new rims You could miss your exit You could run into inanimate objects like grocery carts or traffic cones You could look…

How to Curb Holiday Weight Gain

So, here’s the skinny on holiday weight gain: it sucks! Last year, I was fresh off of having a baby when the holidays rolled around. I’d lost 25lbs and only had 15 to go to be at pre-baby weight. By the time the holidays were over I had gained TWELVE of the 25 I’d lost. I started the New Year thoroughly ticked at myself for having lost all semblance of self-control for nearly two months and I’m determined to not let that happen again this year. If you’re like me and in need of a little extra accountability to curb holiday weight gain, I’ve even made a little cheat sheet for you!   If you liked this post you should check out my Facebook The Stylish Mommy and Instagram @the_stylish_mommy

Holiday Travel with Toddlers

My general advice for traveling during the holidays with toddlers is simple: Don’t. Turn down all the party invites and social gathering requests that are more than 30 miles away from your home. Your children and your sanity cannot tolerate an excess amount of strangers, candy, or hotels for any extended amount of time. However, since half of our family doesn’t even live in the same state as us, we will be part of the Travel Club this holiday season. I’m SO excited to see our family but SO NOT excited to travel with my tribe of tiny terrorists. A helpful article detailing how to pack for the trip is coming next week. For now, enjoy my handy dandy diagram about Holiday Travel with Toddlers <3 If you liked this post you should check out my Facebook The Stylish Mommy and Instagram @the_stylish_mommy <3 See you there! 

At Home Glowing Self Tanning How To

Self Tanning Tutorial

Living in South Texas is mostly really awesome; we’re close to the beach, never more than a stone’s throw away from a good breakfast taco, and everywhere you go has margaritas. One of the downsides of living in paradise is that we don’t really get great seasons. We basically get three seasons: Windy, Hot, and Hotter. During Windy (what we are currently experiencing. Typically lasts from November-February) the average temperatures are in the low 70’s and we are accompanied with a lot of gray, windy days. It doesn’t ever really get cold enough to need to break out the boots or scarves but it’s definitely not warm enough to garner a tan at the beach.  During the Windy season our sun-kissed tans fade away and us South Texas girls have an insatiable craving to be perfectly bronze once more. I’ve never been once for tanning beds (and you shouldn’t be either according to EVERYONE and EVERY study EVER)  and having someone professionally spray tan you on the regular gets expensive. After much trial and error, I’m here to tell you that I have found the absolute best, full proof way to give yourself a perfectly glowing tan at home! Follow the instructions below to take you from Faded and Sad to Glowing and Glad in 10 minutes!  At Home Sun Kissed Self Tanning How To You will need:    1 Body Brush     Favorite body exfoliate    Body Self tanner– My All-time favorite is Sun Laboratories in Medium. I have naturally olive…