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Can I wear these leggings as pants?


Well, the best time of year has arrived: Pumpkin spice everything on store shelves and in the air, Hobby Lobbyselling Christmas trees well before Halloween, and the visual assault on my eyes by women who, year after year, insist on wearing leggings inappropriately.

I know, I know: how many blogs can we write and read on this topic? Yet, still, here we are, with women all over the world showing their nether regions and all of God’s gifts for the whole world to see. I thought that I would come up with a resource for busy women who don’t want to bother with reading long, long lists and blogs when trying to decide if what they are wearing will get them the wrong kind of attention.

If you are at a crossroads, refer to this simple info-graphic. Remember: when in doubt, put on real pants!


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