About Me


Hello there! I’m so happy you found my little corner of the internet. I’m a follower of Christ, wife to one, and mommy to two. I am passionately pursuing my goal of “having it all” and love to surround myself with others who are doing the same. I’m currently addicted to: Jack Reacher novels, finding the perfect homemade ice cream recipe, and building our new dream house.

Why “The Hungry Mommy” name?

I landed on the Hungry Mommy after trying out a few different names that just didn’t quite fit who I am. The fact is: I’m hungry! Hungry for knowledge, humor, new adventures, and yes, food.

I really can’t get enough out of each day and am always thirsting for more…I’m hungry.

Where do you live?

I grew up and currently live in Corpus Christi, Texas.

I absolutely love being steps away from the ocean and being surrounded by family and friends who I’ve had lifelong relationships with. I spent a few years after college in Forth Worth and fell in love with the city and all of its food, shopping, and entertainment. If I could cut out Sundance Square and insert it directly in my back yard, I would be supremely happy.

However, I also fell in love with my husband whose career was located in Knoxville, TN. We lived in Knoxville where we got married, pursued business careers, and had our two sweet babies, before we decided to pack up and head back South in the Spring of 2015.

When/Why did I start writing blog?

I started blogging in the Summer of 2015 primarily because of the new transitions of my life- trying to convert to a Paleo way of life, parenthood, moving across the country, building a home- have given me a lot of inspiration to share tidbits I’ve picked up along the way that would have been SO NICE to know in the beginning of all these journeys.


If you start a new eating plan, career, or phase of life, you will lose friends. This is because you working to better yourself is actively pointing out how others are not working to better themselves and that mirror makes them uncomfortable.


Unsolicited parenting advice really is the bane of all new parent’s existence but you will be given it in abundance. Being prepared to accept all of the unsolicited advice anyone has to offer is essential to getting through the first months (years) of your new gig.


Murphy’s Law of moving: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong- Never let movers pack for you. This needs to be a slow and methodical, don’t let yourself get down to the wire and have an abudance of boxes labeled “MISC.” because you didn’t allow time to properly organize yourself. Being able to grab a few boxes and have them unpacked while your babies nap is only possible if everything that is in each box is orderly.


Allow for MORE THAN DOUBLE the amount of time you think something should take to happen, to actually happen. Never plan on timelines given to you by designers, builders, or other vendors to be accurate. Don’t get caught out in the rain by your temporary apartment lease coming up when your house is 3 months behind schedule.

What is my education/background?

I have a degree in Business Administration with focuses in Accounting and Finance. After college I began consulting with car dealerships on how to better operate each aspect of their business. I then began working with my husband in the car dealerships that he ran focusing primarily on internal auditing and policy and process development. The experience I gained working in these robust, hugely stressful positions has been invaluable in all aspects of my life. Learning to make decisions quickly, analyze data and deliver it meaningfully to varying audiences, and prioritize my time has translated into my new career running and only clothing boutique, Buttoned Up. My husband’s entrepreneurial spirit and encouragement are what have driven me to these new ventures.

Who takes these photos?

My husband and I are the photographers behind the blog.

We are constantly trying to learn all the secrets behind great photographs. Bear with us…food can be a really difficult subject to master!

Who are these people I blog about?

I primarily mention my children (Annabelle, born 2013. Graham born 2014) and my husband Keith. My parents, sisters, and friends will occasionally make cameos as well!

What are my favorites shops/brands/stores?

I really, really love shopping so let’s break this down by category, shall we?

Children’s Clothes:

Smocked By Stellybelly, Smockadat Kids, Smocked Auctions, Smocked Threads by Cecil and Lou, Smockingbird, Old Navy

Women and Men Clothes:

Nordstrom, Loft, Old Navy, Buttoned Up, Flying Tomato, Judith March, Buddy Love, Tory Burch, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx


Kendra Scott – Jewelry, Stella and Dot – Jewelry, Bauble Bar – Jewelry, Mark and Graham – Bags and Accessories, Henri Bendel – Bags and Accessories, Yummie By Heather Thompson – Shapeware

Home Decor:

Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids, West Elm, Land of Nod, Target

Sale Sites:

One Kings Lane, Zulily, GroopDealz


Affiliate Links: Sometimes in my posts you might see my affiliate disclaimer where I tell you that I’m promoting a product and, if you buy the product from clicking my link, I receive a small commission and you receive the great product. You won’t pay more for the product than you would otherwise, and I get commission that helps keeps the lights on.