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5 Mommy Stages of Halloween


Like most holidays, preparation for Halloween falls on my plate. This is mainly because I LOVE any excuse to buy special outfits for the littles. Typically, by Memorial Day, I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Etsy for months in search of the perfect, unique sibling costumes. I order them and anxiously wait for the mailman to deliver the goods in 6-8 weeks. This year, because we are in the throes of Minion Mania, we went with something a little different: the littles are going to be Elves inspired by the Elf on the Shelf. They’re adorable and creative and if we see another set of elves we are immediately leaving whatever event we are at. Kidding. Kind of.

I know that Halloween celebrations are an overwhelming week of parties, candies, and costumes for all families and realized when talking with my Mommy Friends just how crazy the holiday week is. We are all officially walking through these 5 Stages of Mommy Halloween:

We begin the Halloween festivities months in advance by first deciding on the most appropriate and unique family costumes for our size, age, and make up before we’ve even licked the ketchup off our 4th of July hot dogs. We then spend 450% more money than anticipated on the costumes and accessories to make ours WAY better than that Stepford family on our block. The costumes arrive by Labor Day and we begin making appropriate alterations to insure that each member of the family is perfectly outfitted for the occasion.

2.Complete overbooking of the family schedule
Every year we forget about the absolute overabundance of Halloween festivities we will be part of. Despite our best planning, we inevitably end up with the costume crunch: Our family now has 5 Halloween events planned for the 5 nights leading up to Halloween and only 1 outfit for each family member. We’re not crazy- neither our kids OR husbands can be trusted to wear those ridiculously overpriced, hand stitched fleece costumes to more than one event before they’re ruined. We, therefore, spend the weekend before Halloween at the local costume shop, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot picking up all the ingredients we need for perfectly coordinated backup costumes we now have no time to order from Etsy. We quickly realize that we have no ability to actually make these costumes and resign ourselves to the fact that our poor costumes will be neither cute nor recognizable by the time Halloween night actually rolls around.

3.Hands in the air ‘cuz we just don’t care                                                                                                                     On the drive home we decide we aren’t capable of creating homemade costumes and make false promises that we will return all the crap we just purchased…tomorrow. We stop for wine and wrapped candy on the drive home right after deciding that our kids can probably fit into the costumes from last year for a few outings…and if not, oh well.

4.Just get through it
Children are SO smart…especially during the holiday season: Like clockwork, our perfectly healthy children fall ill the week of Halloween- right after you’ve invested too much money and time to back out of any plans. Grin and bear it momma, we’re in too deep to sit out of any of these events now. All of our friends bring their sick kids around ours, too. Tylenol, you’re out. This is a job for Delsym and artificial sugar.

5.Candy Coma
Obviously, the best part of Halloween is the candy. The best part of being a mom on Halloween is sending the children to bed so we can filter through it and take the best for ourselves. After all, if our kids never taste the gooey goodness that is Milky Way, they will never develop a taste for candy and will be much healthier for it. Anything for the kids. We spend weeks secretly eating candy while commencing Christmas decorating.‘Tis the season!Halloween Stages


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