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30 Thoughts While on Whole30


WOOHOO!! Our family just completed our first Whole30 and I cannot be more excited for the progress we have made. Besides some great weight loss, we have had less digestive issues, better sleep, lower anxiety, better skin, the list goes on! I cannot recommend Whole30 enough for jump starting a healthier way of life or trying to identify any food intolerance you might have.

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I thought it would be fun to put together a list of thoughts and events that I experienced during my first 30 days! This has been a really fun experience and being completely intentional with food choices for 30 days was a great 

30 Thoughts While on Whole30

1.Wait- I can’t have wine? I don’t remember that part from the book…*references book*… Hmph. No wine it is.

2.What do you mean Fat Free doesn’t equal healthy?

3.I’m just going to watch FED UP on loop until everyone I know agrees to do Whole30 with me.

4.Seriously, this will not be that hard. I can literally do anything for 30 days.



7.Oatmeal isn’t good for me? Olives are considered a fat? I officially know nothing.

8.Head hurts. My head hurts. WILL IT EVER END?

9.I legitimately cannot live without bacon for 30 days.

10.Thank you, God, for Pederson’s Sugar Free Bacon.

11.If I force myself to eat one more avocado I will literally cry.

12.Avocados are the best things on Earth.

13.What the heck is an NSV and why are on these people obsessed with it?
14.Where is my Tiger Blood?
15.I have more energy than my two year old! Meal prep, laundry, dishes, car wash, dog wash all done- see you never, sleep
16.SLEEP! You are so good to me. I’ve never slept this good in my life
17.How is it even possible that I used to enjoy fast food
18.I cannot go 30 seconds without thinking about Mexican food. Quick, drink more water.
19.I’m SO HUNGRY….wait, am I hungry enough for a chicken thigh? Nope. Guess I’m not that hungry.
20.I can’t button my fat jeans. What kind of cruel world am I living in.
21.*looks in the mirror* WHAT IS THAT? What is that sticking out of…oh, that’s my collar bone. Hello, old friend, I haven’t seen you since college.


22.How is it even possible that I’m saving money on this plan? Does alcohol and eating out really cost me THAT much a month?

23.You want me to put what in my coffee?!

24.Bulletproof coffee is definitely better than a Salted Caramel Mocha. Goodbye forever, Starbucks.

25.Ok, you can do this; you can be the really annoying person with a really difficult order at a restaurant.

26.I swear if that filet comes out smelling like butter I will cry real tears.

27.Whoa, why did I almost eat that M&M? Better question: why are there M&Ms in this house?

28.I wonder how much weight I’ve lost…I’m just going to step on the scale real quick

29.WHAT? And ruin the rest of the journey for yourself? *takes batteries out of scale*

30.This really wasn’t so bad. I think I’ll just keep going…

I hope that you all can relate to this and got a few laughs out of this! What are some of the funny things you encountered during your Whole30? If you’re just starting or just thinking of starting Whole30, take a look at these easy and DELICIOUS recipes- they just might convince you that this whole thing really isn’t that hard: Whole30 Meals and Recipes- Lunch/DinnerWhole30 Meals and Recipes- BreakfastWhole30 Meals and Recipes- Sides and Snacks


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